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Elin Hansen on Driving the Next-generation of Marketing Through Mobile+Social


Master Classes Pre – IRF exclusive knowledge series took place on September 16, 2014. In the second session of Master Class Series Elin Hansen, Web Development, Social Media and SEO expert shared his views on Driving the Next-Generation of Marketing Through Mobile + Social: Learn how you can up your social + mobile ante in the marketing warfare and how to calculate and get mocial (Mobile/Social) ROI.

As per her, today the buying behaviour of people have changed from traditional system to word of mouth. Friends, Relatives and colleagues who share information through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, , , Pinterest, + and Instagram about a new product purchased becomes a crucial buying factor for any customer.

The company has to set clear goals for its social media marketing which include setting up a specific goal which is measurable, objective of the marketing, assigning key team of business stakeholders to discuss social marketing priorities and and also setting up metrics to measure the marketing success.

Human resource needs to commit for successful execution of a . Social media marketing needs to real-time response (response to customer queries, complains and comments), it also requires to update the contents continuously. Quality Content will help the marketing to stay sustained and will also enable social media conversations. Auditing the existing market, identifying the though leadership and planning is very important for social media marketing. Consistent social marketing-worthy content including blog posts, infographics, videos, and white papers will drive success.

Key things to take care before the execution of the social media marketing include identifying the prospects and customers by research and focus the marketing to the target audience building a strong website which can handle the attention gained by multiple social media profiles and pages.

Future integration plans to incorporate social marketing strategies throughout the buying process should be in place, it should also be able to monitor and track prospects and customers throughout the sales pipeline.

Execution plan for the next six months to a year should be made. Creating tactics within the campaign that encourage relationship building across your social landscape and include social sharing buttons is very essential.

Social Marketing Plan

The marketing plan should target the customer, measure success of each campaign, be specific about goals and objectives. To target the customers companies can use personas (avatar) representing the target group. A particular strategy may be adopted after test and try method. Use of original content without bragging will make customers interact over social media. Choice of the social media platform should be strategic so the right audience are reached.

Social Media Policy

Social media policy will enable the employees to participate in company’s social marketing. The social media policy should be made in way that is easy for the employees to participate. Having a company’s own microsite for social media will encourage more participation. Regular mail with posters and info graphics will help the employees to understand the policy better.

Content Creation

Using the right content for marketing will bring success to the campaign. Many of the customers and prospects are turning to social networks to consume news and best practices so it essential to have the right content. For smaller companies the content can be repurposed at lesser cost. Content creation can be various forms like

Big rock content pieces like ebooks and Definitive Guides, White papers, Tip sheets/checklists, Blog posts, Crash courses, Infographics, Videos, Fun visual content such as memes and cartoons, Slideshows and Podcasts

Visual Content

Customer can easily collect visual contents. Research says that 75 percent of the sensory neurons in our brains process visual information. Therefore, while making visual content find the right mixture of words, illustrations, and designs to capture a subject and make it memorable. Visual note-taking enables to explain a complex idea in a series of simplistic diagrams.

Mobile marketing

Mobile ad spends in India exceed expectation with growth of over 60 percent. Ad spends pegged at Rs 300 crore (USD 44 million); slated to grow over 43% in 2014. India has the fastest growing market on mobile marketing due to Smart phones getting cheaper combined with reduction in charges of mobile data packages.

Customers are using mobiles for various purposes which include gaming, listening to music, tweeting, pinning, sharing, and checking in. There for it is very essential for retailers to get into mobile marketing before the competitors grab the customers away from them. Timing & context should be right to deliver a receptive brand message. Creative banners like the ones below will stay in customers mind for a longer time.

Social media and mobile marketing are very critical to any business due the change in the consumer buying behavior. Customers visiting the store will be reduced drastically over the next five to ten year. Social media marketing and mobile marketing are the only ways in which businesses can target the customers and be more specific about the offers and promotions. With the mobile industry growing tremendously consumers will spend more time on the devices, to capture this segment businesses will need to do social media marketing and mobile marketing.