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Satomi Gives a Contemporary Touch to its Saree


The house of exclusive Indian clothing, Satomi brings a collection of printed and embellished saree. The launch collection, Fleur Amour, French for ‘Flower Love’ is inspired by the bounty and delicacy of nature and a woman’s eternal adoration for flowers.

The collection comprises sarees with an array of printed flowers which exude radiance in sunny and bold colours. Draping one of these makes any lady of style feel vibrant and full of life while she basks in her own beauty. Just like every woman is incredibly special in her own way, the Fleur Amour collection has a saree that reflects the distinct identity and sense of style of each one of them.

The brand offers a range of sarees that are perfect for the contemporary Indian woman who yearns for the elegance that the whole 6 yards offer along with the latest in style and trends.