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Nail Business in India: Growth and development


In India, the nail business is growing by leaps and bounds. An estimated size of Rs51 billion ($950 million), the Indian beauty and cosmetic market has expanded manifold to include the nail category. With a marked increase in nail bars and an increase in the types of nail enamels available, the business is looking good

Nail art has always added to the beauty of one’s personality and having realised the same, salons in India have brought a three-dimensional touch to the nail grooming. While sometime back nail art only comprised of cutting and decorating of nails, nail care, nail colour and art, piercing and artificial nails, it is now that the growing popularity of 3D nail art has made a transition in the industry during recent times.

“No doubt that it is a huge market to be in and that it is here to stay despite the costs involved. I have been using precious stones like real diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires on the nails for the last five years. We cater to all levels of society with our endless product line of Swarovskis, glitters, mylars, transfer foils, diamontes, 3D flowers, dry flowers, gemstones, pearls, rhinestones, ceramic, glass……the list is endless,” says Gurpreet Seble, International Educator and COO, Nail Spa India.

The range in nail art is enormous – from 3D, acrylics, nail stickers – the choice is limitless. Says Simar Sukhija, Owner of Simar’s Nail Bar, Delhi, “A lot of variety is used in creating 3D art and one of the most commonly used is 3D acrylic nail art. The other is a 3D sticker which gives a 3D effect and then there are 3D nail art molds which makes nail art simpler to create.”

There is Shellac nails, which has become a rage across the globe. This is a permanent nail colour that lasts upto three weeks without losing shine or shimmer on a stretch and even upto an year with timely infills. They are hard and do not scratch or smudge as against the earlier color in the business and is currently available in 24 shades across salons. A combination of a gel nail with the ease of a paint-on color, its application requires a clear base coat, which is cured for 20 seconds in an ultraviolet lightbox or the UV lamp. It is followed by two coats of nail color with a minute’s curing for each, then another high-gloss top-coat is applied and finally a further curing of 20-seconds is done. The result is a permanent, glossy color that promises to stay a little longer and keep nails more healthy.

Elmien Scholtz, Founder and Director, Bio Sculpture, South Africa and a recent entrant in India, says, “Nail polish was once thought of as merely a finger decoration, but now it’s an artistic statement, constantly evolving with the innovation of various textures and finishes. From the popular caviar trend to the new velvet-in-a-bottle movement, nail textures are a perfect accessory to every girl’s fall lush wardrobe. Bio Sculpture has created nail kits and embellishments so we can wear the trend without a weekly trip to the manicurist. Since celebrities (Rihanna, Katy Perry) and nail gurus have been seen sporting gorgeous renditions of this nail revolution.”

Subham Virmani, Director Marketing, Esskay Beauty Resources, distributor of China Glaze in India, says, ” Textured nails looks great, are low maintenance and can be applied really quickly. China Glaze has a huge range of textured nail lacquers called China Glaze Texture. It is a new trend, but it needs to pick up and for that, it is important to create an awareness about the concept by organising seminars for the nail spa owners and even consumer activation programmes should also be conducted.”

Since there is a constant surge in innovations within nail art, the industry growth has also posted huge investments in terms of capital. It requires capital input of about Rs25 lakhs to equip a nail bar of four work stations, while the rentals and establishment could take it on a higher side but the business statistics differ from area to area. If the set up is going to be a mall, the cost will definitely run into bigger numbers but the same salon could also be on the lower side if it is located in a less swanky location. Adds Shibani Gambhir, Co-owner of Rhapsody Nail Studio, Delhi, “The cost of having a kiosk depends upon the size of the kiosk and the size of the mall. But if you really want to have a good kiosk, the investment bracket would be around Rs1 lakh to Rs1.5 lakh per month purely with the rentals. If you talk about the complete investment size, it would be approximately Rs3.5 lakh per month which includes the rentals, equipment and the material.” One of the heavy buys under the equipment category is a UV lamp which costs Rs12,000 to Rs 15,000 since it is not manufactured in India and is soured from countries like Australia, Germany, China, Dubai, Russia, Canada and US. Besides this, one has to source different kinds of materials like the acrylic nails, gel nails, acrylic powder, cuticle remover, brushes, nail fillers among various others landing on an average spent of Rs2 lakh per month.

Revlon has introduced two new additions to the Revlon Nail Art collection: Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy and Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte. Inspired by the leading trends in fashion and beauty, both dual-ended nail polishes contain everything you need to create unique textures and finishes for your nails. Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy builds on the popularity of Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, offering sunny colors with sparkling topcoats for a dazzling solar effect. Available in six brilliant shades. Estée Lauder’s new Pure Colour Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection coats nails in a racy range of deep to bright reds that provides a perfect match for every skintone and every occasion. These rich and saturated tones are inspired by the glamour, sophistication and romance of red, while capturing the shade’s undeniable naughty and playful sex-appeal. Says Tom Pecheux, Creative Director, Estée Lauder, ““This collection is my modern take on the most iconic color for nails; red. It includes a combination of classic elegance and naughty sensuality.” Either as a soft and subtle accent or a bold splash of color, these hot, sultry shades are the most covetable way to wear red, transforming nails into the ultimate high-fashion accessory.

Expansion and future plans
The cosmetic industry is said to be growing at the rate of 15 to 20 percent per annum and this growth could be well estimated from the fact that over a period of time, there has been a stream of nail salons and academies even in the smaller cities of the country. “Looking at the business propositions and the growing appetite of consumers, our immediate expansion plans involve adding a few more branches in Delhi and NCR region. We may also look at a few selected cities in India,” says Sukhija.