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Shaun Pulfrey’s smart hairbrushes called Tangle Teezer


Brought into India by Salonwares International, Tangle Teezer is a popular UK-based hair brush brand. Shaun Pulfrey, the creator of the brand, shares with Salon India the way forward in India

How was Tangle Teezer created?
I’ve been a hair colourist for 30 years, the idea of create Tangle Teezer (TT) came to me,  when I used to work on my clients. I developed a technique for gently detangling client’s hair before cutting and coloring within the salon. My vision was to try to build this technique into a hair brush. After three years of research and development, TT was launched in October 2007 within the UK. The idea at the beginning was that this would be a brush used by hair stylists within salons, but almost immediately, salon clients began to ask if they could buy their own TT. In November 2007, Tangle Teezer has become a global phenomenon.

What is its USP?
TT is the world’s first detangling brush. Instead of tugging and pulling at hair, the unique patented teeth are designed to bend and flex when they come in contact with hair. When this happens, they gently tease and flick tangles and knots in the hair, removing them instantly and gently. It works brilliantly on wet and dry hair and with all hair types too. It’s also changed the lives of parents worldwide who can now brush their young children’s hair without a fear of tears or tantrums.

What is the marketing or distributing strategy?
We plan to launch TT through professional salons throughout India for retail and also for use by stylists. It’s available through the top five e-commerce portals and class A specialty outlets. We will constantly refresh the range to offer seasonal and fashion-driven opportunities.

What are the opportunities that the brand foresees for itself in FY14-15?
We have been looking for the ideal distribution partner for nearly four years. The next 12 months will be about establishing distribution with class A specialty outlets and premium salons in metro cities, creating buzz and awareness, and then rolling out across non-metro markets in the second year. We are also launching a new range of products later this year.

What are the challenges faced so far, and how, have they been overcome?
One of the main challenges has been planning for the right distribution mix. We needed to be sure that in the first year, we reach the consumer who knows TT already. As TT is such a different concept, there may be brand education required.

What is the future that you see in India?
We hope to have created the biggest-selling and most innovative hair tools company within India, creating delight for consumers, salon clients and a retail opportunity for salons.

What is your view on the existing accessories market?
India doesn’t have a brand like TT. We feel there is a lot of room for innovation and quality, plus accessories which deliver professional performance and are also fun to adopt and use. We also see a much closer link between fashion and function within the hair accessories market. I think you’ll see much more use of colour and design in hair accessories and maybe even fashion designers stretching brands into the hair accessories market.