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European Wellness Caravan Brings Mediterraneandiet to Indian Consumers


The caravan, with its innovative way to bring the Mediterranean Diet to the Indian consumer, ends its tour in India.During the month of August, the EUROPEAN WELLNESS caravan has been touring, for the third and the last year, the cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad in order to spread awareness on the Mediterranean Diet and the properties of the European products among final consumers in India. The caravan stopped in the city of Bangalore on 9th and 10th, finishing its tour in the city of Hyderabad on 16th and 17th of August. The event, open to all public, was a great entertainment opportunity with learning and valuable content for the promotion of the European gastronomy, its food and drink products directly to the end consumer.

To reach a large number of European food consumers, the caravan was placed in emblematic shopping malls such as Inorbit Mall in Bangalore or el City Center Mall in Hyderabad. The visitors to the caravan participated in 5 interactive activities, each one related with one of our five senses and with different surprises and learning experiences. The guest had the chance to learn on the Mediterranean Diet and its products in an innovative way.

The activities taken place in the mobile caravan-stall were based on educational games such as blind tasting diverse products such as olives, asparagus, saffron, Manchego Cheese PDO among others, a quiztest on different ingredients and its denomination of origin with an illustrative app, the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Game in which the guests had to guess about its eating patterns, recipes and lots of FUN!

The families went all out to learn and have fun in the activities of inside and outside the caravan, and got merchandising materials as prize.
The games draw the attention of the adults as well as children with around  2000 visitants. Along the past three years, the caravan has reached to a total of 16.000 of current and potential consumers.

About the promotion campaign
This activity has taken placed in a total of Indian cities, is part of the  program EUROPEAN QUALITY FOOD: EATING WITH YOUR FIVE SENSES, a program financed by the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and FIAB, the Spanish Food and Beverages IndustryFederation. The program has three main goals:

1. Increase the awareness and stress the value and notoriety of the European gastronomic culture, with a particular emphasis on the Mediterranean diet.  The logic of the program is based on the premise that a deeper familiarity with the European gastronomic culture, will increase the consumption of European products and, ultimately, it will ease exports for the European Food and Beverage industry.

2. To increase the desire to consume European products and create a good positioning of the same among targeted consumers

3. Increase the knowledge of F&B professionals on European gastronomy and European products so that they can play the role of influencers who recommend theses kind of products and increase the supply in their respective channels.

This program has a double approach as it targets end consumers and F&B professionals, as the program aims to have a maximum impact on the demand and consumption of European products.

The targeted public for the promotional campaigns of this program represents only a 3% of the Indian population, what means a market of 35 million people located in the main cities in India: New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Hence activities have been developed in different cities each year.

The European Union is nowadays one of the main suppliers of food products in India and its different cuisine traditions have indeed a very good reputation in India. Eating with Your Five Senses will help to increase the leadership of European products in the market and will allow
the right position in the market for the upcoming promising food consumer market