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Yami Gautam: Sheer Elegance


After an excellent performance in her debut film Vicky Donor, Yami Gautam has bagged a few good projects from big banners. Passionate about fitness and particular about her daily routine, to maintain her toned figure and flawless skin. Gautam shares with Salon India her beauty and fitness routine

‘I enjoy hot yoga’
Fitness and being healthy is a very big part of an actor’s life. I do not have a size zero model body, but I try to stay as fit as possible by eating healthy at regular intervals and practicing yoga and meditation. I do hot yoga as this workout flexes and warms the body. On a regular basis, my go-to workout is TRX. This workout tones your body using your own body weight. There aren’t any machines involved and you lose weight faster.

‘Drink lots of water’
Firstly, I do give a lot of importance to nourishment and believe in a balanced diet. I believe it’s the key to fitness and a glowing skin. I drink lots and lots of water and eat a lot of proteins, such as sprouts.

‘I mostly use herbal products’
When it comes to my skin care routine, I try to use a lot of herbal products and apply homemade exfoliation packs, which consist of finely ground rice powder, milk and yoghurt. I also never leave my house without applying a good sunscreen. I’m not a big fan of make-up and keep it at a minimum. However, I always have my gloss on! Lastly, at night I ensure I remove all my make-up with a good remover and then moisturise, cleanse and tone my skin. I think the less you tamper with your skin, the better it will work for you. In make-up, my current favourites are Bobbi Brown, MAC and Chanel.

‘I swear by Pantene’
When it comes to my hair, I must admit I do owe a lot to my mother who has beautiful hair. However I noticed when I shifted from Chandigarh to Mumbai, I faced a lot of hair fall due to the change in water. Also, I’m constantly travelling and the different weather conditions have severely affected my hair. But after taking up Pantene’s Hair Dare Challenge and using Pantene’s new and improved range of shampoos and conditioners I noticed a difference almost instantly. The formulation which contains Keratin Damage Blockers, helps me maintain one of my most important assets. The fear of waking up to find a bunch of hair on my pillow has vanished!

‘Pantene Hair mask is the best’
With my busy schedule, I don’t generally get the time to visit a spa. Hence on a regular basis, I feel Pantene’s Total Damage Care Intensive Hair Mask is my go-to product and after using it, I get the spa experience right at home.

‘Favourite fragrance’
My favourite is 212.