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Use Sunscreen to Fight Skin Ailments and Ageing


A study conducted by L’Oréal reveals that 94 per cent of Indian dermatologists recommend use of sunscreen as the first line of defense against skin problems. 91 per cent claim regular use of sun protection helps prevent skin ageing.

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L’Oréal India conducted a survey amongst 900 leading Indian dermatologists to better understand Indian skin concerns and the importance of sun protection. The survey concluded that 94 per cent of them recommend the regular use of sun protection as an essential skin care regime to protect against skin ageing and pigmentation.

Sunscreens were the most popular skin care product recommended by dermatologists. 72 per cent of dermatologists also recommended broad spectrum sun protection against both UVA – A (long-wave) and UVB - B (shortwave) rays. 91 per cent of skin experts felt sun protection helped in preventing skin ageing.  75 per cent of dermatologists recommended SPF 30+ to their patients and 72 per cent of them also suggested application of sunscreen two to three times a day.

According to – Director, Research and Innovation, L’Oreal India, “L’Oréal has been involved in photo protection research for over thirty years. Our study, “New insights into skin pigmentation – an Indian perspective’ reflects this focus. Acute as well as chronic sun exposure can induce clinical and biological damage to the skin such as photo ageing, pigmentation, sunburn and more. Sunscreens with well-balanced UVA/UVB protection provide the best protection against skin damage.”

With strong support from the dermatologist community, L’Oréal has pioneered and championed public awareness against the damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays and the need for daily well balanced sun protection. This summer, pledge to reduce your risk for premature ageing and skin pigmentation by wearing a UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 each day.