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Shalin Balasuriya Shares his Plans for Spa Ceylon and its Ayurvedic products


Sri Lanka’s popular luxury spa brand, , has started its India operations by launching a range of luxury Ayurveda products in Mumbai. , Director Marketing, Spa Ceylon, shares with Salon India the details

Please tell us about Spa Ceylon.

Spa Ceylon is a luxury Ayurveda brand. We have given Ayurveda a luxury platform with a focus on pampering, relaxation and rejuvenation. The packaging is modern and the products can be used in the comfort of your home.

What is the USP?

The products are essentially Ayurveda. We’ve used essential oils in the products to make them feel and smell better and they have aromatherapy benefits as well.

How are Spa Ceylon products different from other such Ayurveda-based products available in the market?

Our ingredients are all natural, we have a very extensive range, and within the range, we have sub ranges. For instance, the Peace range, the Sleep range, the Sandalwood range, the Save the Majestic Ceylon Elephant range and each sub range has something different to offer.

How is Spa Ceylon placed in the international market?

We’re coming out of Sri Lanka and are in the process of being available in more locations. We’re already in Turkey – our spa and store concept. In the next few months, we are scheduled to be in Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan. A little later in the year, we’re looking at Russia and the Middle East. There is also a lot of interest from Europe and we’re currently in the process of doing registrations in Europe.

What are the plans of bringing the spa services to India?

That’s in the process. Spa Ceylon has two main branches – one is the spa and one is the boutique. We have started with the boutique, but we’re constantly looking for new spaces. This is a high-end brand and finding the right space, especially in India, is very, very difficult. The rentals are quite high here, but if we find the right space, we have confidence in the brand and wouldn’t mind investing.

What has the initial investment made in India?

The initial investment was on setting up the Indian operations and the first flagship store has been Rs2 crore.

The first store has been launched in Mumbai. What about expansion within Mumbai and a pan-India reach?

We’re looking at a minimum of 10 stores in the next 12 months across the metros first. So, even if we can get a second space within Mumbai, it would be great. We would want to move to Delhi. The idea is to have a minimum of two stores in every metro to start with.

What is the price range?

We have soaps starting at about Rs300, the body care range starts at Rs1,000, the skin care range is from Rs2,000 to Rs3,000. So roughly, the price of our products ranges between Rs300 to Rs3,000.

Do you intend to introduce more products in this line?

Sap Ceylon has about 450 SKUs. Currently the Mumbai store is carrying roughly 70 per cent of it. We are looking at getting the rest of the range within four to six months from now. There is a registration process in India takes a while.

What advice would you give to professionals in the spa industry?

We’ve got an amazing heritage in Ayurveda and people are looking to learn from the old sciences now. We must use this science and look at new ways of presenting it on a larger platform.