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Moretti Organises Sales Conference in Goa


Siyaram Silk Mills has been marketing Morreti, an Italian shirting brand, in India from past two years. They had recently organised a grand sales cum booking conference in Goa. The purpose of the conference was to show case the collection of most stylish Italian fabrics in exclusive designs, textures and colours.

The finest and purest Morreti shirtings are manufactured using the extra long 38mm fiber length staple cotton. The fabrics are treated with unique finishes like Liquid Ammonia Process (LAP), easy care, silk protein, calendaring and voil to give fabric special feel with luster and bounce. This process also makes fabrics wrinkle free and enhances radiance that will last through many washes with a long life. Morreti is known for its variety of designs and palette of shades and styles.

During the conference, the company has launched a new and exquisite range of colours under the name “Colours of Morreti”, where a plethora of more than 400 colours and  over 2500 fabrics were displayed giving the retailers a chance to see and feel the fabrics from a wide range of selection. It is for the first time that any brand has introduced so many colours in plain sorts.

Ramesh Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director said, “We have received overwhelming response and the Sales-cum-Booking Conference was much appreciated by the retailers. The conference was one of the most successful event which encouraged the retailers to make bookings in large quantities. We are very glad that our customers have appreciated our range of shirtings and we are inspired to thrive to continue to come up with innovative designs, colours from time to time”.