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    M&M’S World opens first store in Asia in Shanghai


    The first M&M’S World store in Asia celebrated its official opening in Shanghai in the on East Nanjing Road.

    Global retail and brand consultancy FITCH worked on the store’s conceptual design through to final construction. Inspired by Chinese culture, heritage and modern architecture, the M&M’S World Shanghai store reflects the popularity of the M&M’S brand and provides shoppers with a colourful experience where they can explore, discover and be entertained. The famous M&M’S characters, Red and Yellow, welcome customers at the store’s entrance. The Red and Orange M&M’S characters as warriors are posted at “The Great Wall of Chocolate,” which features 132 tubes of M&M’S in 22 colors in three varieties (milk chocolate, peanut, and almond).

    Visible from the plaza outside, the “Lantern Garden” features numerous hanging lanterns that illuminate and change colors as visitors step on the platform.

    Tim Greenhalgh, FITCH Global Chairman & Chief Creative Officer says, “Working with the M&M’S World team to design the first store in Asia was a great project for FITCH.”

    Greenhalgh added, “We’ve aimed for a playful, enriching experience for shoppers. I hope everyone enjoys M&M’S World Shanghai!”

    Offering a wide range of M&M’S chocolate candies and merchandise, the store is located on one of the world’s busiest shopping streets in on East Nanjing Road.

    , General Manager, Mars Retail Group and M&M’S World, said, “We are thrilled to launch our first M&M’S World store in Asia in the vibrant city of Shanghai, one of Asia’s top tourist destinations and the ideal location to bring the world’s most popular chocolate brand to life.”