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Leveraging on private labels, omni-channel, supply chain to grow the retail business, learn the retail success mantras at IRF-2014


Growing your retail business to be profitable through scale with an enhanced range of high margin products (Private Labels); delighting customers by reaching them at time and place convenient to them in ways that are way above industry standards (Omni-Channel); and ensuring benchmark efficiency in operations through a supply chain ecosystem which is the envy of the industry (Supply Chain), are the three most strategic and practical ways of adding nourishment to the bottomline and topline of your business. Learn the success mantra of retail operations at India Retail Forum Master Class, which will take place on September 16 at Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai.

Our international expert , CEO, Idearetail SpA and formerly CEO, (Chile) who has led these strategies to build an enviable business in Latin America – FALABELLA – which has been rated by 2014 as the ‘Best Managed Retail Company Overall in Latin America’ (Most Convincing and Coherent Strategy in Latam, Best Managed Company in Chile), in one of the most diverse and competitive parts of the world – South America, shares his expertise of over 3 decades with lots of practical examples on how you can grow your business profitably and win accolades of your customers, shareholders, and your supplier partners and vendors.

Take home excellent insights into how you can: ‘Develop private labels to become real brands’, ‘Omni channel as a way to leverage the web on stores and give customers a better buying experience’, and Supply chain to ‘put Products in the customers’ hands when they want it’. How you can make the task easier of merging stores supply and customers supply through engaging in a Lean Program that allows to reduce days to store, increase logistic capacity, and much more.