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Suvrat Tandon’s Photo Essay on Hair


A creative representation of hair and beauty, Ornaments of a Warrior, brings to the fore the instincts of talented individuals – Suvrat Tandon, a photographer with an eye for detail, who has tenaciously woven the weft and weave of the shoot to create a homogeneous fabric of versatility and Noopur Arya, hair and make-up expert

The shoot, spearheaded by Suvrat Tandon, reflects the mood of a warrior. Says he, “As the collection is inspired from a warrior, I have tried to play around with contrast and light, using Vaibhav Singh, the fashion designer’s, black leather attire. I have accented it further with black body paint and edgy, yet powerful hair and make-up. I had a clear vision about my frames, lighting and the facial expressions of my model. Hence, we focused on strong expressions, intense looks to achieve the looks of a warrior.”

Says Noopur Arya, make-up artist for Christian Dior Travel Retail in Dubai, “Since
the theme of the shoot was all about creating a contemporary warrior, I, as a make-up and hair artist, had the challenge to create a strong and impactful look that would add to the edginess of the garments and bring out the leathery rawness.”

Since the model’s original hair length was really short, Arya decided to work with the original lenght instead of using any hair extensions or pieces to keep it raw and close to reality. She started with generous application of wella hair mousse from roots to tip and then curled each hair strand carefully using a tong.Then each curl was opened by running fingers through the entire hair to make it look more bouncy and whacky.To create the variation for the beauty shots, she created a mohok by neatly pinning the hair from either sides and spraying the label m hair spray for hold and finish…

Keeping the theme in mind, Arya worked around shades of black brown and gold to bring out the darkness of the character. A lot of emphasis was put on creating smokey and deep eyes with strong contours on the face to add more power to the look.To make the beauty shots stand out differently, she created a choker like effect on the neck and used gold on the entire neck area and then created black stripes using the black gel eyeliner mixed with almond oil to give it a more nomadic feel which was captured very well by the photographer.

About Nopur Arya
A 26-year old make-up artist who has studied make-up at Delhi’s Pearl Academy of Fashion, has had stints with prestigious beauty brands like MAC and Christian Dior.

About Suvrat Tandon
A self-schooled photographer, versatile in style with a natural eye for colour, tone and composition, his reportage work reflects an inimitable ability to get inside a subject and explore the inner workings and intricate aspects and deliver an accurate interpretation of mood, environment and emotive balance through images. Turning attention to studio work, he concentrates his energies on finding and delicately balancing the most effective angles and lighting effects to give a subject depth and perspective.

Garments: Vaibhav Singh
Modeling agency: Aditi Joshi for My Guys Models, Milan