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Find out how transformation of a retail store lends an uber cool experience to the customers at IRF-2014


Making the shopping experience exciting is the oldest game in retail!Getting the transformation of the retail store is a major imperative and begins with a deep understanding of the customer, the technologies available, and an integrated strategy to personalise the experience at every point of interaction. Listen to the retail gurus at India Retail Forum-2014 sharing their thoughts on the wide array of topics such as- How stores can achieve multi-dimensional personality, how retailers can engage digital and audio visual content for customising lifestyle services, and how connected stores leads to connected consumers.

Know it all coming straight from the horse’s mouth, learn the nuances of ‘ How to transform your retail store, for offering the uber cool experience to the customers.’

Meet the retail veterans – Ajay Kaul, CEO, Dominos &Dunkin Donuts; Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director, Giordano International; Kabir Lumba,MD, Lifestyle International; Sandeep Ahuja, MD, VLCC, discussing the need for retail stores to evolve into experience-based destinations that drives brand loyalty.