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Sebastian Design Artists: Last of the Warriors


, Sebastian Urban Design Artist from China shares his journey and learnings with Salon India

What has been the biggest break of your career?
I think the biggest break for me has been my association with Sebastian and also becoming a platform session stylist.

How has the journey so far?
It has been exceptionally great so far. I have been in this industry for 12 years now and have juggled a lot of different roles from a hair stylist to an instructor to even marketing and sales. Each role has taught me something and I really do love my job.

What are the most admiring moments of your career?
The moment which I cherish the most would be the one when I participated in the Sebastian Hair show, China. This really was the biggest stepping stone to my career.

What were the challenges that you faced in the initials days?
I think everyone faces challenges in their respective careers. It’s about how you learn from your mistakes and move on. But is important never to lose hope and always remember that practice makes you perfect.

Your association with Sebastian is commendable. What keeps you connected with the brand?
I really admire Sebastian’s fearless hair fashion. Sebastian has really helped me evolve as a stylist and create some fabulous cutting edge hairstyles.

What is your view of the Indian hairdressing industry?
Every market has different cultures. I think the Indian market is ready for a change now. The plan for India would be ‘Back to The Basic’ in terms of cut, colour and style.

Do you think the salon industry in India is in need of technical advancement?

If I get a chance to visit India again, I would like to encourage them to use more styling tools. Each tool is designed for a particular purpose and if used correctly it can bring out excellent results. I feel that the Indian market is expanding at a very fast pace, but I would definitely love to go global with the brand. Not only India, but also explore the potential markets for Sebastian and spread the passion.

What is the scope of this profession in India five years down the line?
The future of the Indian hairdressing industry is bright. There are many talented stylists who have immense passion for the industry. They are breaking the barriers and moving ahead of their time by venturing into this field.

What is your trend forecast for haircuts and colour for 2014?

There will be a lot of long hair styles. I think, cool colours like blue and purple will be seen. For this season, I would recommend to use Sebastian Professional’s Penetraitt Shampoo + Conditioner + Treatment, as this range acts as a rescue system which penetrates the hair, repairing and reconstructing its natural health for super-strong, silky soft style.

Which is your favourite product and equipment for hair styling and why?

Sebastian Zero Gravity hair spray. I always use it as a foundation styling product, because it’s re-workable.

Who, according to you is the style icon or rising star of the hair industry?

I had many before, but now still looking.

What is your future plan?
I definitely want to continue working as a freelancer and also explore different opportunities by travelling around the world.

Products used by Aric and AiChoo Fernandez – Asia Capability Manager,

Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo
This strengthening and repair shampoo cleanses and strengthens any look at any time. It comes to the Hair’s rescue guarding from stress. 250ml for `1,200.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity
A lightweight control hairspray with the lightest brushable control that dries in a flash, feeling as weightless on the hair as zero gravity. Holding so light, it’s hair-defying. 400ml – Rs 1150.

Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner
The conditioner is essential care for damaged hair, to strengthen any look, any time while removing and guarding it from stress caused from past chemical treatments and heat damage. 250ml for `1,500.

Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Repair Masque

The Repair Masque is a deep conditioning treatment for stressed, dull and chemically damaged hair. Its active rescue system penetrates the hair, repairing and reconstructing its natural health for super-strong, silky soft style. 150ml for `1,400.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9
The active-oil botanicals restore hair’s natural condition, while the protective agent cocktail enhances manageable styling leaving hair with renewed shine, hence, exploring nine ways of conserving hair. 150ml for `1,400.