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Innovative Products in Eye Make-up


Eye enhancement by make-up has no limits and with an artistic approach and innovative products, one can transform the entire look. To elaborate on the new trends, products and looks for brides, Salon India talks to experts

Beauty of a woman lies in her eyes and there’s nothing like killer eye make-up which accentuate it. Fashionistas are constantly using avant-garde make-up looks to set off the international styles where one can see elaborate work on the eyes to enhance the overall look.

Likewise, eye make-up plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look of a bride. Eyeshadows, liners and false eyelashes are just some of the manifestations to extend the bridal make-up. With growing demand, cosmetics companies are taking advantage of this theme by releasing innovative products that make it easier to apply and get eye-catching look.

With the entry of international brands in Indian market, eye make-up is gaining more attention. This cluster highlights some of the most incredible eyelash innovations, from eyelash jewellery to lash bars, and from feathered lashes, to ultra luxury mascara and even eyelash growth drugs to promote growth and enhance thickness.

Innovations in eye make-up not only transform the traditional look of a bride, but it also encourages the cosmetics brands to offer a variety to the consumers. With the growing couture culture in India, the market for bridal ensembles and make-up is also growing which also allows brands to introduce and experiment with something new, that suits and enhances Indian skin tone and features.

Gone the days when innovative eye make-up means daring reds and popping pinks on the eyelid. Today is the time to think varied degrees of nudes and mauves that intensify to browns and plums at the end of the spectrum.

With an aim to explore what’s new in the market to create lasting lustrous eye make-up, experts of some leading cosmetic brands like Lakmé, Colorbar, Inglot and Revlon, suggest the looks and importance of eye make-up to enhance the overall look of a bride.

Looks for brides-to be Lakmé: Says Daniel Bauer, Lakmé Expert, “I’m seeing a re-invention of the gloss look. However, trends don’t care who you are, your personality or what dress you’re wearing on your wedding day. Some want full drama, others want subtle tones to tell a story. Each bridal function offers you the opportunity to explore different looks. Be real, be beautiful and be yourself.”

Colorbar: Suggest Elizabeth, Colorbar Make-up Expert, “Smokey eyes are usually associated with the evening parties, but the latest trend is brides wearing this bold look. Dramatic smoky eyes are easy, classy to carry, and goes well with any colour of the bride’s outfit. For the perfect bridal smokey eyes look, rim the eyes and blend black smokey kohl onto the upper and lower eyelid. Use pearly long lasting blusher to highlight and accentuate cheeks with the shades of muted pink and rust.”

Inglot: Adds Lisa Munlua, Senior make-up artist, Inglot India, “ I recommend using less of colour in eyeshadows. Nicely contoured eyes with thick coloured gel liners and black kohl make the eyes look stunning and elegant.”

Revlon: Recommends Bianca Hartkopf, Revlon Expert, “The current trend that I have seen is the raw natural beauty also referred as ‘The Nude Look’. To achieve the same, keep emphasis either on the eyes or on the lips and keep the skin raw fresh and clean. Do not use anything heavy on your skin, know exactly what your skin type is and use only what you need. I would highly recommend Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights as this will give you a fresh and natural base to begin with.”


Lakmé: Shares Bauer, “I believe in keeping it simple yet strong. This also largely depends on each client’s needs. For me, Eye make-up is all about theatre. Some want full drama, others want subtle tones to tell a story. Each bridal function offers you the opportunity to explore different looks.”

Colorbar:  Informs Elizabeth, “The brand has launched Just Smokey Kajal for the bridal trousseau. The product gets bride glam ready in just 50 seconds, and helps in achieving the mysterious smokey eye look that is trending the fashion scene. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you three-in-one benefits of an eyeliner, kohl and eyeshadow. Use this to create multitudes of looks effortlessly which will last for upto 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion. What’s more is that the Just Smokey Kajal is waterproof and does not transfer.”

Inglot: Adds Munlua, “I used browns and peaches in pearl and matte texture for bridal with waterproof gel liner black as a must used and colored gels as a compliment to the colour of the attire and not to forget lashes.”

New in the market

Lakmé: The brand has introduced Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara, Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate and Lakme Illusions range which includes Pearl Eye Shadow.

Colorbar: For the perfect eye make-up, the brand has launched the long-lasting Just Smokey Kajal (kohl) in ‘Just Blue’. One can also use the built-in smudger to create an instant smokey eyed look.

Inglot: The brand offers Inglot AMC eye shadow, matte eye shadow, Inglot eye primer, different shades of gel eyeliners, a natural looking fake eyelash and a volumising mascara to get perfectly innovative bridal look.

On Indian eye make-up

Lakmé: Says Bauer, “India is a dynamic market and beauty conscious consumers seek convenience and value propositions that meet their exacting requirements. While they are willing to experiment, they tend to stick to a brand that works well for them.”

Colorbar: Says Elizabeth, “Kajal is the basic make-up for an Indian women as it has been in the market from decades . Eye make-up is a niche category and is growing at a fast pace. This growth rate is due to the establishing demand of eye pencil that includes kohl and liners while the other key contributor is shadows and mascara.”

Inglot: Recomends Elizabeth,“Eye make-up has been and will always be popular in India. Its interesting to see the changes from only kohl to greens, blue and beige. We are blessed with heavy lashes, wide, bright, brown eyes that can pull off any eyeshadow.”

Future of eye make-up

Lakmé: Predicts Bauer, “While most women prefer wearing neutral eyeshadows every day, I feel the colourful palette will emerge as the next big trend. One must have a good combination of hushed neutrals to dashing darks and glittery bright shades for a complete eye palette.”
Colorbar: Shares Elizabeth “With the growing awareness and formulation innovations eye make-up usage will increase in the years to come. Industry is working on lot of education programmes and trainings to communicate the application techniques to customers. In the near future, consumers will evolve and they will start eye make-up instead of just using a kohl.”

Inglot: Says Munlua

“Eye make-up is the most focused area right now with woman trying to experiment different looks day by day. It will always remain popular.”
For centuries, women and men have been using make-up to enhance their looks. Experts share that make-up comes from the first dynasty in Egypt women used to decorate their eyes by applying kohl or soot, a black substance to decorate the upper eye’s lids and lashes. The market for eye cosmetics is growing on a fast pace, thankfully, with innovations, leading brands are also conscious about the scientific advancements of the products and special attentions is being given to the eye make-up products as its skin is the most sensitive and delicate in comparison with other facial features.

Finally, innovation in the bridal eye make-up has moved to another level and there is a huge diversity in how it used to be. The rising influence of television and rapid urbanization seems to infuse the sales of eye make-up and help them to attain substantial market share in the overall colour cosmetics market.