Home Retail Starbucks Outlet Opens at Infiniti Mall – Andheri

    Starbucks Outlet Opens at Infiniti Mall – Andheri


    Starbucks, which entered Indian markets in 2012, has launched yet another outlet, in the suburbs of Andheri at Infiniti Mall. The coffee chain with a loyal consumer base operates on the ground floor of the mall occupying an area of more than 2000 sq ft.

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    The messaging interface allows customers to speak or text just as if they were talking to a barista in-store, including modifying their beverage to meet their personal preference

    Commenting on the launch of the outlet, Mukesh Kumar, VP, Infiniti Malls said: “Infiniti Mall in Andheri is at a prime location in the suburbs. With the mall hosting leading food and beverage brands, we are ecstatic with Starbucks opening its brand new outlet at Infiniti Mall – Andheri. We are certain that patrons visiting the mall and coffee lovers of the suburbs will definitely enjoy the best-in-class Starbucks experience at our mall.”

    The Starbucks outlet will operate from 8 am to 11 pm. A provision for a separate entrance has been created for the customers, to facilitate quick and convenient visit to the coffee shop.