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Adidas Launches Energy Boost for Women & Men


has introduced the newest model of the iconic Energy Boost, the new line of sneakers with an improved fit, look and feel to help runners embrace the road with confidence and style. The latest range features a new colour-way exclusively designed for women this fall-winter.

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Energy Boost provides unrivalled responsiveness with heel to toe Boost foam that stores and returns energy to ensure the more energy you give, the more you get. Boost foam is made of thousands of durable energy capsules that maintain their soft cushioning season after season so every run with Boost feels like the first.

The new Energy Boost also provides improved comfort with an elegant stretch mesh upper that hugs the shape of your foot and allows for added ventilation to keep your feet cooler during runs. Boost cushioning remains consistent in any weather condition while standard EVA expands and hardens in varying temperatures. From the sweltering heat to the blistering cold, Boost maintains its cushioning properties.

The flexible Torsion System effortlessly adapts to any surface and remains stable through every stride. The new energy boost for women is priced at Rs 11,999.

Adidas has introduced a cutting edge innovation in running- the Boost. The revolutionary energy return, superior cushioning, optimal fit and temperature independence will feature in the electrifying red color.

The foundation of the Boost innovation is centered on a revolutionary cushioning material. Based on an innovative development process created by our partner , the world’s leading chemical company, solid granular material (TPU) is literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules which make up the footwear’s distinctive midsole. With their unique cell structure, these energy capsules store and unleash energy more efficiently in every stride. Tests conducted by the Adidas Innovation Team show that the highly durable material found only in Boost products provides the highest energy return in the running industry.

The new cushioning material does not only provide the highest energy return in the industry; it also holds its performance in almost any condition at unparalleled levels. The Adidas Innovation Team (ait.) conducted tests to monitor how the Boost foam material would react in a variety of temperatures compared to standard EVA foam commonly used in most running shoes.

These tests revealed that, when taken from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius, Boost foam is three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material, thus providing a more consistent run. This is available at Rs 15,999.