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European Gastronomy at Top Hotel Management Schools in Bangalore


European Quality Food: Eating with Your 5 Senses, in its mission to familiarise the food and beverage lovers with the European Cuisine and the Mediterranean balanced diet, will be carrying out full day programs of cooking Masterclasses and seminars in the schools of our forthcoming Chefs in Bangalore during the month of July and August.

The event is part of a European promotion campaign that intends to spread and foster the knowledge of the European gastronomy, its cooking methods, its ingredients and food and beverage products among key opinion leaders of India, future professionals of the sector and consumers. European Quality Food: Eating with your five senses programme promotes exotic food and drinks through the development of five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing in India. The programme is co-financed by the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain and the Spanish (FIAB).

Specially designed for the best 10 Hotel Management and culinary Institutes in Bangalore, the activity targets students and the school teachers to have deeper knowledge about the core assets of European gastronomy. The European Chef Nicolas Roman will train the students in Bangalore. This year the program has also collaborated with Chef and his team to introduce the art of understanding the European cooking methods, the respect that each single ingredient deserves in the European Gastronomy, the quality and properties of various exotic Mediterranean ingredients and how to combine and use them in preparing balance and creative dishes.

Other highlights of the event include the presentation of the cooking book called European Menu book, the Masterclasses by Chef Nicolas Roman and Chef Abhijit Saha, and workshops where the students will be working hands on to prepare master level recipes using exciting ingredients.

The European Quality Food: Eating with your five senses programme aims to increase the awareness and foster the taste of European products and cuisine in different channels targeting both the professional F&B sector and the potential final consumers in India. Additionally, it will promote the experience of cooking and consuming European food and wine products as a holistic five senses practice, so consumers and professionals can understand the added value of these products. It also identifies a huge potential in the Indian market due to the change in lifestyle and interest of the Indian consumers for Internationals products and brands.

This is the third year of this promotion campaign taking place in India. In the two previous years the same activity was organised in the Chef Schools of Delhi NCR where the European chef presented the “European Tapas” cooking book and in Mumbai where European Chef presented the “European Kitchen” cookbook.