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Gabriel Georgiou: Greek Hair Stylist Rules in LA


An affable go-getter, , has many a feathers in his cap. Making himself accessible while shuttling countries, Georgiou’s passion for hair styling has made him a name to reckon with

How did you get started in the hair industry?
It all began in Australia, when I was an apprentice and finished with in London. I left as a top stylist and ventured into session styling with Agence, the biggest agency in Athens in Greece at the time.

What has been the source of your inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is Julien d’Ys, one of he most revered hair masters today. His creations were, and still are very inspiring. The rest came from fashion, cultures of the past, nature and the fine arts.

What made you shift to LA?
I was asked by my agency in Sydney if I would be willing to work in LA. They believed I would do very well there, and suffice it to say, I agreed and here I am!

Tell us about one of your most memorable assignment.
We were working in Brazil for a commercial. It was a nine-day affair. As per our discussion and looks decided, one of the model’s hair had to be long and full of extensions, textures and colour tones. This was because the model had to dive from a high point into a swimming pool, and her hair had to look rich and flowing underwater. I cannot even count the amount times that was done and the process of drying it and re-styling each time was exhausting! Not easy at all!

What are the big trends this season?
Well, I think people generally want to look good without too much fuss. So it’s all about faster results and looking great, be it either by using styling products or appliances.

Which are your personal favourite products and brands?
I’m not associated with any brand because I like specific products by different companies. It’s all about experimenting and finding what you like for specific outcomes. For instance, my favourite hairspray is made in Greece called Vzoom by Rilken extra strong. It’s strong and sets hair well and fast, but the best part is that it also brushes out easily without fl aking so I can work with it all day.

What is your gut feel about the hairstyling industry of India?
Interesting question! Not sure I can answer it, but India is definitely unique as it holds on to it’s culture and is not completely westified! I see a continuing evolution of West meets East and it is exciting and different. So much has changed already compared to a few years ago. Imagine what else is about to come. It’s nice to be a part of that process!

There are aspirants wishing to enter the industry. What is that one piece of advice they need from you?
Be creative, challenge yourself constantly as that brings with it plenty of experience and no one can buy experience! Practice makes perfect on every level. Inspire others and be inspired. Keep learning and don’t become competitive or jealous. Admire and evolve by way of example and good things will naturally come.

What are some of the hurdles in this industry which one may come across?
One has to stay true to one’s self and not be deluded by the industry. One cannot also live in a bubble. There is so much beauty to life, one should never forget that. Other challenges are hard work, long hours and staying positive through difficult circumstances.

What is on your horizon?
I’ll let you in on a little secret – there could possibly be a product line of my own in the making! I also have plans t create two coffee table books, one on Bollywood beauties and the other on, the revival of traditional Chinese culture which has been destroyed by the Communist Regime in China. I truly believe that art can open peoples minds and that beautiful art is directly linked to the divine so the more virtues, one has the more harmonious and beautiful his creations will be, and that is not limited to hair. So for me whether a hairstyle is simple, textured, graphic or avant-garde what matters is that it’s beautiful and has harmony.

Which celebrity is on your wish list?
Oh, it would have to be Penelope Cruz and Tilda Swinton!