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Soie’s Lingerie & Nightwear Ad Film


Soie from Ginza Industries, has launched an ad film for its new line of lingerie, nightwear and western apparel. The ad film has been conceptualised by Publicis Beehive.

The ad film features a young woman enjoying a cup of steaming beverage. She’s caught by surprise when a female form sans face (under a hanger) modeled lingerie and nightwear. More such ‘models’ walk around her in various sets of clothing offering her a glimpse of how good the combination looks. She picks some pieces from what was on show and checks them out on herself. The film ends with a voiceover saying, ‘Soie. Make your wardrobe come alive.’

Ashok Sethia, Founder and Director, Ginza Industries, said, “Soie establishes new benchmarks in style and quality for contemporary Indian women. Each process from designing, raw material procurement, manufacturing and distribution is managed in-house. This ensures stringent quality control and original, unmatched designs. The brief given to the agency was to connect with end users describing the dilemma every women gets into every time for each occasion so how can we help them to choose from the lively and new wardrobe hitting it as a first campaign. Apart from this the campaign should have an international flavour to it as the look and feel is unbeatable to any international brands available.”

Shyamshree D’Mello, ECD – Head of Creative Services, Publicis Beehive, added, “Lingerie is a tricky category, it’s intimate and hence demands delicate storytelling. Moreover, Soie very clearly has a strong French fashion influence. The idea of innerwear and apparel seducing a woman is very powerful. It liberates her from the stereotype of dressing to please others (read men).”