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Invista Announces New Lycra Brand Strategy


has announced a new brand for its lycra fibre. The initiative encompasses an engaging brand positioning, brand architecture and the Lycra Moves You consumer message in an exciting evolution of the Lycra fibre brand.

The new brand positioning is going to be articulated through the campaign platform and it brings to life the three key consumer benefits associated with the lycra fibre brand: freedom, comfort and movement. A new concise Lycra brand architecture will now have five consumer brands that will clearly communicate consumer benefits such as Lycra brand for comfort, freedom, control/shaping, physical sport, garment resilience, durability, well being and wellness.

In India, Invista will focus only on Lycra brand for comfort, freedom and movement at the consumer level. This new brand architecture, when implemented, will ensure that the brand message is extremely clear and focused when used at the consumer level.

To support the new brand message, the company has also come out with a global brand manifesto which portrays beautifully how the Lycra brand is set to move the world all over again physically, emotionally and creatively.

The new brand positioning and brand architecture are born out of consumer-centric research, as well as trade insights. Global qualitative and quantitative research, as well as social listening was carried out in eight markets to understand what the Lycra fibre brand currently means to consumers and how they interpret the functional attributes of the brand across apparel garment categories.

, Global Lycra Brand Director said, “The Lycra brand has high consumer awareness globally and is one of INVISTA’s most important assets and a driver of value creation for our trade customers. It is essential that we keep building the Lycra brand’s consumer relevance by continuing to educate consumers on the Lycra brand difference by moving consumers emotionally, physically and creatively.”

As part of Invista’s commitment to driving excellence, innovation and value, the company is also announcing a trade campaign “Lycra Moves Your Business.” Its aim is to fast track Invista’s value propositions in product, innovation and services to their customers, so they can have rapid access to the Lycra fibre and brand.

, Invista Apparel & Advanced Textiles Executive Vice President of Technology and Marketing said, “Everything we do as a business is rooted in consumer and industry insight, ensuring that we are constantly striving to innovate and drive businesses forward. We believe that this is a truly exciting time as we evolve and grow the Lycra fibre brand with both consumers and the trade.”

“Lycra Moves You” and the re-aligned brand architecture will start to come to life globally at the trade and consumer level over the next few months and will include a new consumer identity, via new hang tags, as well as a multi media campaign. In India, the first activation will be showcased
at Galleria Intima Fair from August 18- 19 at Goa.