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    Bridge the online- offline gap with the help of right packaging partner


    The e-commerce player need to take a number of factors into account when choosing the type of packaging to be used. The success of the delivery depends on it.

    A wide range of factors are involved in running a successful e-commerce business. Packaging is one of the most crucial issues that must be taken care of as it’s the first thing the customers will see as they take the delivery of their online purchase. Sharing the expert thoughts on this topic, Gaurav Vora, Director, Dynaflex discuses in detail the significance of proper packaging in e-commerce ecosystem.

    Dynaflex is a Vadodara based company, which diversified its operation into e-commerce just four years back. Dynaflex provides premium packaging material to the leading e-commerce players, such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and many more.

    Evolution of e-commerce in India

    Already in India, the expansion of e-commerce is at par with anyone in the world and this has happened in last few years and its just tip of the iceberg.

    Talking on how e-commerce business has evolved in India, Vora, says, “The major changes we are seeing in e-commerce industry is the supply chain/vendor partnership and some kind of long term planning which was not present 1 year or 6months back. This has happened because the volumes are growing by 100 per cent every six months and that is a very high growth to manage.

    Adding to the same, he says, “The biggest challenge e-tailing is facing to handle the growth year on year. Every six months, the volumes are doubling & challenge is to find partner who can support them in this growth. As a result of it being a serious supplier in the e-commerce industry, we have also been under pressure to double our capacity every 6 months.”

    Quoting an example, Vora from Dynaflex, shares, “To quote an example, in the last 16 months we have invested 22 crores & by the time it is finished, it is already at 100 per cent capacity and now we are again investing 44 crores to scale up further.

    Importance of packaging in e-commerce business:

    The most pertinent question, which every e-commerce player has to deal with is that how they can choose the right packaging for the delivery of online orders. There are a number of factors to bear in mind, such as protection, then it’s important to consider that what kind of packaging is required for which sort of products.  The right packaging has a direct impact on whether deliveries are successful or not, which is an essential factor in online transactions.

    Explaining this point futher, Vora, opines, ” As a customer, what kind of experience do you have when you receive a parcel packed in smart free damage, free packaging, and look fresh as opposed to a parcel packed in smart, damage free packaging, looks fresh as opposed to a parcel which is taped shabbily, looks like an injured patient. It is obvious that the wow moment during offline retail sales has shifted to the moment when the customer receives his shipment that is his wow moment, your package has same value as window display, today all of the e-commerce companies pay attention to choosing the right material quality, branding and security level to build customer loyalty and repeat customer business.”

    E commerce specially in India depends largely on cash on delivery model, how with the help of proper packaging an e-commerce player can assure safe delivery of the products.

    Vora says, “One of the biggest areas of fraud is during transit. With cash in delivery, if items are pilferage or exchanged with low value items, products will come back and our packaging in turn helps to avoid these.”

    Talking about the USP of Dynaflex packaging products, Vora, says, “Based on our packaging was developed for e-commerce, the challenges faced by them. Different kinds of frauds made us develop different security features such Bar-coding, Permanent Adhesive, Permanent Closure, Void Closure, multiple seals, double seals, very high & tensile tear properties to prevent damage in  transit, multicolor printing and many more. All this helps the customer to receive a uniquely branded package which is sure of no tampering from shipment to delivery.”

    Product Portfolio

    The product portfolio includes security and tamper evident envelopes of various security levels.

    Dynaflex product portfolio includes the following range of products:-

    DYNA SAFE: Tamper Evident Envelopes (Evidence Collection, Exam Question Papers and Answer papers), STEB’s, cash bags

    DYNA POST: Security envelopes, plain security envelopes, bubble security envelopes, courier bags, online shopping envelopes, packing list envelopes

    DYNA FLEX: Retail bags, specialty packaging


    Talking about his clientele, Vora, adds, “Our products are used by companies across all categories from pure market place companies like e-bay to mixed hybrid market models such as Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon and niche companies like Limeroad.com, hopscotch and many more. We also cater to e-commerce clientele logistics industry where our customers like Blue Dart; DHL & Professional Couriers are there.”