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Innerwear brand Bodycare was established in 1992 by Pawan Hosiery Manufacturing, however, the name Bodycare Creations was coined in 2008.
After establishing the brand name, it is constantly updating its designs and has already gained sustainability in the market. The brand is owned by Sanjay Dawar.

Brand mantra: Comfort forever
Product assortment: Innerwear for men and women and utility garments for women.

The targeted towns or cities in the next couple of years:
All metros, Tier II and III cities Target consumers: 15 to 40 years

Turning point(s) in my brand’s life: Product awareness, market demand, quality of product and latest fashion. All these factors have helped us to grow a lot. The 10 years back girls would not buy lingerie on their own, but now they are not shy about lingerie shopping. This change in mind set proved as the turning point in our brand’s life.

Growth percentage: 30 percent

Any strategy change: Charting marketing plans based on various segments and different products.

Total no. of MBOs: 4,000

Expansion/extension/diversifi cation plan(s):
The brand plans to launch a new product.

New territory /region(s) added: Tier II and III cities in East and South India.