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The Denim Jeweler: Hamit Yenici


Calik Denim’s new general manager, , has some clear aims in mind–betting  on quality, innovative fashion denims and expanding globally.

Denim veteran and product expert Hamit Yenici became Calik Denim’s new general manager in January 2014. “Our major focus is to concentrate on innovation,” says Yenici. “There’s no need to offer huge collections of fabrics. What counts is that we are able to deliver products that can answer your customers’ present needs.” By pursuing his goal, Yenici wants to carefully study the final consumer’s always changing needs. “We want to collaborate with brands and manufacturers acting as partners by looking carefully at the needs of their end-users. If you know what your end-users are looking for you can create innovation and provide them clothes that make them feel beautiful, comfy and cool. This is how we can recall the market’s attention and become ‘the’ trendsetting denim company anyone will be looking at.”

He continues: “Our task is like providing customers a great ‘raw gold’ for making beautiful bracelets.” “If you have a strong idea you have to continue believing in it and communicate it. It always takes some seasons before a denim manufacturer launches new products that can be appreciated by the final consumer,” says Yenici. “Usually women consumers are faster in picking new ideas–also because they are always looking for new products to buy–while men are slower.” Therefore Calik wants to increase its offer in women’s jeans. At present it is selling over 60% of fabrics for men and the rest for women.

The plan is to concentrate on three main product categories: The basics, a solid income source for the company characterized by added-value basic fabrics; the fashion products and the performance fabrics. These last ones, in addition to having good recovery, guarantee better holding properties and shape retention. “We want to always develop some new or extra function. Only through constant developments a company can increase its prestige,” says Yenici. Calik’s newest products will focus on
body alluring fabrics that help wearers look slimmer and black denims that don’t fade. It also wants to start special collaborations or capsules with designers. The first ones might be delivered from f/w 2015 16 on.

Although Calik is already selling to 38 countries (direct and indirect export count for 60% of sales), especially in Europe and the Eastern part of the US,
it also wants to grow on the West Coast of the US, and especially Los Angeles. It also hopes to grow business in Japan. Improving service is another goal. “We want to shorten our delivery times and lower production defects in our fabrics. We would like to guarantee deliveries into three-to-six weeks according to the complexity of the products and the quantity of fabrics ordered. Our goal is to further increase the quality of the raw material we employ–at present we use Turkish and US cotton,” explains Yenici.