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Indian Luxury Market is Still Evolving: Prem Dewan


, retail head, shares that how and why India is a significant market for Corneliani, the international luxury brand for menswear.

How is luxury retail different from regular retail?

Shopping experience and a sense of belonging are the brand’s philosophy.

How does India fare when compared to Corneliani’s other regional markets?

The Far East is an extremely important market. Our Indian customers are increasingly receptive and aware of our products. Over the past years, we have seen India’s deep respect for its traditions and an approach to fashion rooted in the country’s thousands of
years of rich history.

Tell us the few traits of the Indian luxury retail market …

Indian customers look for personal shopping assistance more than any other aspect.

How many stores does Corneliani plan to open in the next fi ve years in India?

Our expansion plans for the Indian market are closely linked to quality on the distribution front. We have embraced quality by securing top locations in the market, including the Mall in Delhi and the Arcade at The Taj Mahal Palace.

Who is your ideal client in India? How are they different from your European and North American clientele?

Corneliani caters to industrialists, politicians, sports personalities and celebrities, et al, who look for quality and modernity along with classic craftsmanship. Indian body type is different than the Europeans and North Americans; so we select the collection according to our customer’s taste fit.

Who are your competitors in India? How are you doing things differently from them to have an edge?

Corneliani faces no competition, as it is the only brand which emphasis on tradition, quality and modernity. Each season Corneliani’s collections witness innovation in styles.

Within India, which are your strongest and most challenging markets?

Within India, the market in Delhi is the strongest. We are still in the process of analysing the challenging markets. South Indian market was most challenging but it has showed growth in the luxury sector in recent past.

What is the USP of a Corneliani store?

Amalgamation of luxurious interiors, window display and the right visuals, which complement the collection.

Share any memorable incident from with a customers who had unusual or interesting request.

One of our top customers certifi ed me as his official wardrobe stylist!

Contrary to popular belief, luxury retail in China is slowing down. Is the same slated for India as well? How will Indian luxury retail market fare over the next five years?

The luxury retail market has witnessed a little slowdown, which has been affected by global scenario but the Indian luxury market is still evolving and it will grow at the rate of 15 percent in coming five-six years.