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Dow Microbial Control Introduces Certified Mill Program


The business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, has launched Certified Mill Program for recognizing textile manufacturers who have successfully completed a training program and demonstrated their proficiency in applying Silvadur Antimicrobial in their production processes. It is gaining rapid acceptance in textile and apparel markets globally and was voted one of the 100 most technologically significant products introduced during the past year by .

Silvadur Antimicrobial offers reliable odor control and long-lasting freshness in apparel, home textiles and footwear at a time when more and more consumers are embracing a healthier, more hygienic lifestyle.  It is the only known polymer technology that intelligently releases silver ions as odor-causing organisms appear on the surface of fabric treated with Silvadur. “In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumer loyalty is directly related to product quality,” said Karel Williams, global strategic marketing manager for Dow Microbial Control.

The Silvadur global distributor network is identifying the best mill candidates from around the world for inclusion in the Certified Mill Program. Among the criteria for selection are a mill’s customer base and its relationship with those customers, its reputation for quality, relevant production volume and willingness to collaborate with Dow. Dow Microbial Control will provide the mills that meet its criteria with advanced technical and production training, increased promotional support, such as inclusion in case studies, and, more importantly, expanded access to leading brands and retailers.
Extensive testing has shown that Silvadur Antimicrobial has a high degree of efficacy against a wide range of undesirable bacteria, is highly durable over 50 washings and its application process is efficient and cost effective.