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Beachwear the New Casual


has introduced the beachwear line, which is a mix of contemporary fashion with a traditional twist. Read to know more about this interesting amalgamation.

The definition of casual is evolving with changing times. Today, it does not just confine to the customary jeans and T-shirt. It has increased its circumference and has brought segments like resortwear and beachwear into its helm. Now-a-days, designers, store buyers, and the media are viewing resortwear as a specialised year-round clothing style.

, director, The Big Door introduced the beachwear line, which is a mix of contemporary fashion with a traditional twist. The collection brings the ancient era on today’s modern fashion on board. Keeping the concept of The Big Door in mind, we have tried to transport the same artistry and motifs in the collection too. The concept of The Big Door, ‘The Fantastic Indian Art Store’, is depicted through the artistry and motifs in the beachwear line too.

The beachwear range has been clearly handpicked that embraces clean cut silhouettes comprising bikinis, maillots, monokinis including cover-ups and co-ordinates in various prints like exotic flowers, Indian Mughal illustrations, Persian motifs, Rajasthani art, etc.

The entire collection that we are offering at The Big Boor is bespoke, targeting women with a passion for art and love for the Indian heritage. The Big Door is open to customising designs and cuts as per the customers’ needs and preferences. The designs and prints can be tailor made as per individual style and needs making it unique and desirable to all. The concept of bespoke beachwear evoked from my own personal requirement when I went shopping for beachwear during a holiday. In the quest of finding the right size and design for myself, which was quite a difficult task, I came up with this unique aspect of bespoke beachwear collection.

Today’s women are modern and independent. They make their own decisions and set trends for others. Not every woman is skinny and has a perfect body, but that does not mean she should shy away from wearing what she likes. More and more women are now wearing what they feel will suit them best. This not only makes them comfortable in what they are wearing but also levels up their confidence. I observed a rise in demand for beachwear; other cover ups like kaftans, sarongs and wrap-arounds to go with the beachwear are also in great demand. Resort or beachwear segment is becoming more of a fashion statement with resort weeks and fashion shows in similar apparel segments gaining momentum. The must-have bikini trends this season include crochet accent swimsuits, fringe swimsuits, high-waist bikinis, graphic print one-pieces and retro one-pieces.

Every woman should know about their body type and accordingly pick styles and cuts to suit them best. Once that is done, they can experiment with designs and prints the way they like. In fact, they can pick from bikinis, maillots, and monokinis and team them up with cover-ups and coordinates. The is to feel good about yourself and your choices first. Older women do not feel comfortable exposing certain parts of their body; hence, they should opt for beachwear outfits that cover those parts or shift the focus.

They should go for solid colours, monochromes, vertical or horizontal stripes. Put colour or pattern where attention is needed, and use dark solids where minimal attention is desired. If someone has an athletic body like broad shoulders, muscular legs and narrow hips, then, they should opt for a ring-top bandeau, ruffled trim one-piece or a strapless bikini piece, as these styles would focus on feminine cuts and details. For those looking to show off their toned lower half, they can do so with embellishments at the hip and a tapered-back bottom.

The views expressed in the guest articles are those of the respective authors. The editor and publisher may not necessarily subscribe to the same. If someone has a straight fi gure with few curves where the hip and waist measurements are almost similar, such women can utilise the opportunity by faking some curves and wearing skimpy style as they have nothing to hide. The point is to accentuate the slim figure while creating the illusion of curves being present as well. The desired effect is to add volume to the bust and hips with ruffles, push-up tops and ruched or ruffled bottoms to give shape.

These women can choose from ruffled bikinis, dress swimsuits, front-tie bikinis, gathered side one-pieces, skimpy bikinis in wild prints and cut-out monokinis. They should avoid quashing bandeau tops and sporty bottoms. Women with pear-shaped bodies – hips wider than their shoulders – should go for a push-up top, as it helps to augment the bust. They can take the advantage of mix-and match fashion by trying darker shades for bottomwear. The best option for those who have such bodies is to pick high cut bottom bikinis, tankinis, string-style bikinis, deep V-neck one-pieces and mini-skirt swimsuits.

For women with curvy figures – such as hourglass – having shoulders in proportion with their hips, they should wear swimsuits that keep the bust and hips balanced. Wear underwire tops offering support, and keep the top and bottom colours in same shades. It does a visual trick resulting in slimmer silhouettes. The styles suggested for them are folded-bottom bandeau top bikinis, under-wire halter-top bikinis, brief and halter bikinis, side cut-out one pieces, and vertical pattern one-pieces. Donning beachwear does not mean exposing of skin. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a plus size.

Anyone can look perfectly stylish if they simply pick it right.