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John Miller Introduces a Range of Speciality Trousers


has launched its new collection of trousers, the super crease pant for those who like to look perfect at all times of the day. The pants are made out of the super crease technology that keeps the teouser in shape and wrinkle-free all day long.

Priced at Rs 1599, the trousers have a finely cut design which gives a neat and lean look The collection also has a range of Glitz trousers priced between Rs 999 and 1099. On the other side, the auto adjust range of trousers is fitted with an extendable waist band.

For the customers who pay attention to the slightest detailing of their looks and dressing, the brand has launched the Diet collection. Crafted meticulously, the range consists of slim fit shirts and trousers that work had to give you lean and perfectly fitted look. The shirts fit like a comfortable second skin while the trousers are designed to make you look slimmer. The collection is priced between Rs 1199 and Rs 1499.

The brand also looks at a customer who would wish to wear a size more than 40 but less than 42 in its ‘Jump size’ collection. Available in sizes ranging from 41 and 43 for shirts and 31 and 33, 35 and 37 for trousers, you can enjoy wearing a versatile size that can make every situation fit to your liking and is priced between Rs 1099 to Rs 1599.