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Wella Professionals Introduces Oil Infuso Color Service


Owing to stressful and busy lifestyles, hair damage has become a common phenomenon. To combat the common hair woes, , the colour expert, has introduced the all-new, that claims to protect hair from damage while making the colour last for long.

Says , Wella Expert, “The new Oil Infuso Color Service is specially formulated with the power of oil, infused with colour to protect hair from damage. After experiencing the service, I am confident that with this colour service not only can you look great, but also be rest assured that one will achieve long-lasting results without comprising on hair health.”

How it benefits the hair
Wella Professionals Oil Infuso Color Service helps in nourishing coloured hair and enhanceing its structure. With its usage, hair looks smooth and conditioned and the shine of Wella Professionals colour becomes up to 86 per cent more vibrant. The service helps protect hair protein, lock in moisture and provides lasting colour results. Both Wella Professionals Oil Reflections and System Profession Luxe Oil can be used for this service. The special formula of Wella Professionals Oil Reflections with Vitamin E, creates a protective barrier around the hair, neutralising free radicals and protecting the hair against damage. While System Professional Luxe oil with 3X More Keratin Protection when infused in colour transforms texture, gives a better look and feel.