Home Retail Snapdeal Launches Personalised Shopping Guide ‘Smartfeed’

    Snapdeal Launches Personalised Shopping Guide ‘Smartfeed’


    Online marketplace Snapdeal has launched Smartfeed, a personal shopping guide, for its customers, says PTI.

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    Smartfeed will provide users with personalised shopping ideas and a trending list of products, which are popular on the platform and relevant for the specific user, Snapdeal said in a statement.

    The launch also marks the integration of Doozton.com (a product discovery platform) which was acquired by Snapdeal earlier this year with its existing recommendation and personalisation technologies.

    Using Big Data technology, the platform crunches over three billion data points daily for over five million users, considering user interactions across the 5 million catalog size.

    It recommends over 1,000 products to the user, based on their personalised interests, similar user classification, current purchase trends and future behavior prediction.