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NeoVeda Spa: A journey of Self-discovery


Located at the Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi, the NeoVeda Spa is based on the concept of Ayurveda. It showcases the modern translation of ancient Indian knowledge of life and wellbeing. Featuring Vedic words like Mimamsa, Sutra, Nirvana and Dyan in aqua tones, the walls of the spa are in warm, earthy shades that represent the earth and water chakra.

The spa offers six treatment rooms, health club, yoga, meditation, steam, aromatic baths, acupressure, anti-ageing, and several other beauty and detoxification services. The specialty is that the therapists perform manual therapies and don’t use any instruments or equipment during the massage.

Say architects from Total Integrated Design in Singapore, “The NeoVeda Spa has been refurbished with a serene and soothing ambience, utilising calming colour tones and modern interpretations of classic patterns. A whole new experience is added with designs like stone panelling, which has niches for aroma candles, backlit fretworks, behind the massage beds, and Vedic mantras on the walls. It has been our endeavour to be conscious of our environment and while renovating, we have further addressed the issues of waste reduction, being energy efficient and using local resources.”

Says Sanzeev Bhatia, General Manager, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, “The spa aims at taking the guests away from the stress of daily routine to a serene and soothing experience. We offer time-tested healing remedies and treatments, whilst incorporating the latest international wellness trends to provide an authentic and holistic experience.”

Growth plans: “To open various NeoVeda Spa outlets in both domestic and international markets.”

Owner: Vipul Gupta, Executive Director, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
Size: 7,000 sq ft
Time taken to complete construction: Six to eight months
Products used: In-house

Say the architects from Total Integrated Design, “Integrated efforts are taken to enhance eco-friendly management systems in overall operations to give a whole new meaning to luxury. Thus, improved water management system, energy efficient lighting, use of pale colours over darker shades, heat reflective colours, marble, granite and wood, are used to add liveliness to the place.”
Email: spa@hotelmetdelhi.com