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Sebastian Design Artists: In a Celebratory Mood


Biggest break of your career

Anthony Cole: I stepped into this profession at 16 years of age and studied hair from Vidal Sassoon as I wanted to learn the various ways of creating hair styles.

Josh Wagner: Getting an opportunity to work with Sebastian has been the biggest break of my career.

: I would have to say my association with the Brand Sebastian. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be a part of Sebastian and associated with such talented stylists across the world.

Journey so far

Anthony Cole: It’s been wonderful and exciting to be associated with Sebastian and as an educator I have learnt so much and now will teach it all.

Josh Wagner: I have a salon called Mi Salon & Spa in Kentucky. I travel the world imparting knowledge that I have gained and enjoy it thoroughly.

Nikhil Sharma: The journey has been super exciting. In a short span of time I have been able to travel to so many different places and gain so much International Exposure.

Promised opportunities

Anthony Cole: The hair styling industry is bursting with opportunities. But you have to educate and train yourself well to be able to survive. One needs to feel passionately for the craft and only then one will be perfect.

Josh Wagner:

Nikhil Sharma: As you know, the hairdressing industry in India is still shaping up. The most admiring moment for me would be doing shows on an international level in Korea and Japan.

Anthony Cole: There is a lack oftraining and education.

Josh Wagner: A lot of people have made the mistake of entering this line as a profession and a job. It’s not so – it’s an art which needs to be taken to a higher level by the individual himself.

Nikhil Sharma: In a country like India there is a stigma about the profession of Hairstyling. My biggest challenge was to make people understand this profession and display hairstyling as a reputed career.


Nikhil Sharma: My USP is adapting to the western looks and bringing this fearless fashion to India for the audience here. Working with the urban design team has helped me create a portfolio with looks from the west.

Connection with Sebastian

Nikhil Sharma: Sebastian is very very close to me. It has given me some of the biggest breaks in my career. I still follow my mentors and seek for their guidance when needed.

View of the Indian hairdressing industry
Anthony Cole: The country has immensely talented hairstylists. However they need more creative sessions and out of the box ideas.

Josh Wagner: Right now the industry is small, however, it won’t be long before India is placed on the map!
Nikhil Sharma: The industry in India is at a nascent stage. We still require tools and equipments of higher grades to see a boost in the sector. In terms of advancement, I feel we need an Affinity salon in Mumbai and other cities so that people can be educated more on the nitigrities of the industry.

Expansion plans

Nikhil Sharma: I think as my focus as of now would be working towards bringing Affinity Salon to Mumbai in association with Wella

Scope of professions five years hence

Nikhil Sharma: Five years down the line, I wish to bring the hairdressing industry on an international level. Get the profession globally acclaimed. My association with Sebastian makes this seem very viable.

Trend forecast for haircuts and color for 2014

Anthony Cole: Natural hair colour and natural movement of hair is best; ballayage is hot right now.
Josh Wagner: Layering, seamless, natural hair colour, violet.
Nikhil Sharma: In terms of cuts for me this season is all about layers. So we will see a lot of long layers as well as longer bangs. In terms of color techniques we will be using a lot of hombre and balayage as well as a mixture of both for a 3D effect. For colour I think there will be a lot of deeper chocolates and shades of brown. Warmer colors really suit the Indian skin tone.

Favourite product and equipment for hair styling and why

Nikhil Sharma: would be the hair crimper I think it’s fabulous to work with. For products it has to be Sebastian Professional Reshaper.

Style icon or rising star

Josh Wagner: Anthony Cole for sure!
Nikhil Sharma: Anthony Cole, Sebastian International Design Artist from New York is my style icon. He is flawless in everything he does and my go to person for absolutely any guidance.

Future plans

Anthony Cole: To create fantastic hair styles and make hair styling as an art.
Nikhil Sharma: I am looking forward to go international and further explore the hairdressing industry on a global level. There is so much to learn as we keep meeting new people from various diversities across regions.

Products used

Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam

A weightless thickener and a one-pump formula which thickens and conditions the hair weightlessly, holding the finer bits in place. 200ml – Rs 1400.

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo

Prepare for shine sublime. Trilliance Shampoo, with rock crystal extract, creates a dazzling foundation by cleansing and polishing hair to a natural diamond shine. 250 ml – Rs 1200

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Conditioner
With rock crystal extract, Trilliance Conditioner smoothes roughened cuticles into a sublime light-reflecting surface for gorgeous natural shine and the perfect styling base.  250 ml – Rs 1500

Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper
A hairspray with strong and brushable humidity resistance and a multiblend hold which will bend any movement into shape. Now restyle your hair into any shape and reform an ingenious hold. 400ml – Rs 1300