Nature Inspired Jewellery Motifs are in Vogue: Sumit Sawhney

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Sumit Sawhney is the designer and founder of Apala, which means most beautiful in Sanskrit. Founded in 2006, Apala handcrafted silver jewellery set in precious and semi-precious stones. Sawhney shares about his jewellery line and latest jewellery trends that are making a rage. 

How would you describe your brand?

Apala by Sumit is an innovative line of silver jewellery, an eclectic fusion of contemporary and traditional Indian charm. Each piece of jewellery conjures up something majestically for everyone from the fashion maverick to the intellectual. From the serenely graceful to the fashion diva, Apala has something for everyone.

What is your design philosophy?

It is based on the original ideas trying to make a style statement and enhance the personality of the person who is wearing Apala by Sumi. I believe in designing jewellery that follows a certain theme. While designing jewellery, I always break out of my own barriers of designing.
What are your favourite materials to work with and why?

My most preferred material is silver and the because it is very flexible in terms of design.  I get the freedom to play around with finishes and creatively combine with other gemstones and metals.
Where do you source the materials from?

I don’t have any preferred location as I source them from all around the world. If I have to source certain antiques, I go towards south India and Bhuj in Gujarat. The rest is manufactured in-house. 
What is the price range for your jewellery line?

We target the higher echelon of the society so despite being silvery jewellery our products start from Rs 3,000 onwards.
Tell us about the latest jewellery trends.

The fusion of the contemporary with India centric detailing with modern form is the latest trend. Nature inspired and animal motifs are in trend, for say, floral, bird, elephant, owl peacock and a lot more. Geometric designs are also in vogue. 

In terms of the colours, coral, pink, lapis lazuli, deep blue, rubies, emerald and pearl classic. There are also light blue colours, blue topaz calcedony which are being used popularly.

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