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HVM Networks Launches Another Umbrella Brand Inveda


After seeing the success of its Vedic Line brand, HMV Networks Pvt Ltd has launched yet another umbrella brand called Inveda. A herbal beauty product range, Inveda is founded by Harshvardhan Modi, CEO of  HVM Networks Pvt Ltd, to enable women to find the best herbal skin care products to suit their skin type. Infused with natural ingredients with the beauty secrets of Vedas, a unique range of ‘healthy beauty’ products has been developed under the Inveda brand.

Talking about the brand, Modi said, “To create the optimum balance and get to the essence of true beauty, Inveda believes in blending the revolutionary modern research and rejuvenating essence of nature with ancient beauty secrets for that perfect and timeless glow of healthy beauty.” He further added that, “We also focusing on the packing for Invada as it shows the beauty on the cover itself.”

Meanwhile, Bharti Modi, Technical Director, HVM Networks Pvt Ltd said, “We are quite excited to launch Inveda and looking forward for its success. By this, we are trying to approach customers directly, as with Vedic Line we connect to the beauty expert, so we are glad that customers can now also purchase our products from various retail outlets. Inveda has all the range of products that could help enhance the beauty without side effects as the range specializes in ayurvedic products”.