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All That Jazz: India’s First Experiential Retail Store


Set to redefine the business of fashion, is India ’s first experiential retail store housing the best of global casual, sports and lifestyle brands — all under one roof. It is positioned as ‘retail spa’ where shoppers don’t just buy clothes or accessories but also enliven their shopping experience.

Charles Frederick Worth is known to be the first designer to have had his label sewn into the garments that he created, and very much dictated what his customer wore. Since then fashion has metamorphosed from a mere label sewn onto a garment to a connection with the consumer — emotional, aesthetic, or both. In a country like India where tastes and preferences diverge within city limits, where income levels could be opposites from one lane to the other, where climatic conditions go to extremes from one state to another, it is imperative that consumer is decoded very clearly. And what better platform to do this than IFF, where industry stalwarts meet, discuss and decode the future of fashion in a dynamic environment that demystifies the complex market that is India!

-Shamsher Singh Hura, All that Jazz.

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All That Jazz,
Patia, Bhubaneshwar, VIP Road Puri,
TEL: +91. 9238033452
Email- info@atjazz.in
Website- www.atjazz.in/

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