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    Headphone Zone Opens Web Store


    Headphone and earphone retail brand Headphone Zone has launched its online store, www.headphonezone.in. The retailer operates 10 stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai.

    Speaking on the occasion, Raghav Somani, Founder and CEO, Headphone Zone, said: “Headphone Zone features over 800 different products, all unique with a point and purpose. Just like no two individuals, their personalities and styles are the same, the same applies to Headphones. Our store’s categories, sound guides, reviews and ratings hopes to bring you the information and knowledge needed to understand that. Our online store offers Headphone Zone the opportunity to minimize steep rentals and real estate costs while rotating our inventory and bleeding our assets faster.”

    Headphone Zone offers 15 categories including the Diva Collection – an exclusive range for women, Athlete – A sweat resistant range for sports wear, True Sound – Headphones for Audiophiles, Zen – noise cancellation headphones, and Bluetooth, Apple iOS & Android – dedicated categories for mobile phones.

    Founded in 2012, Headphone Zone opened it’s first store in Bangalore’s Garuda mall. The brand now operates stores in various formats which include 500sq.ft. flagship stores,small kiosks in malls and shop-in-shops in hypermarkets such as HyperCity and Auchan. Headphone Zone is an offshoot of Ferrari Video, an Indian distributor of Headphones and AV Accessories, owned and operated by the Somani Family.