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Sandeep Singh: Enthusiasm is Contagious


, CEO, Freecultr believes that enthusiasm is contagious. he is extremely passionate about being an entrepreneur and enjoys every minute of it.


An enduring memory from early career days… It revolves around building up perations and business for my previous company (Quasar, a digital marketing services company) and eventually selling a majority stake to WPP in two years’ of incorporation. During those years, I did diverse things, from data mining to writing copy for advertisements.

If not in the business of fashion, what would you be?
Perhaps in some other business. I am an entrepreneur at heart and love every aspect of running a business. If not in business, I would have been a photographer.

What do you like most about your work life?
The new challenges and opportunities it throws every day.

What do you dislike the most about it?
Signing statutory documents. I wish the regulatory formalities of operating business in India could get simpler.

Your favourite designer or business icon is/was
… Steve Jobs

The brand you admire the most… Apple and

Your most significant achievement so far
… This is my third stint as an entrepreneur in 12 years of my career. Raising these companies from the scratch to a noteworthy level has been a major and satisfying achievement.

Key learning
… Move fast and be adaptable to every situation. Never put a stop to learning.

If you to ask for one wish for your industry, what would it be?
A common tax structure and regime for all states. personality


What do you like to do the most in your spare time? I love watching movies.

Your favourite city… Pune. I spent the best years of my life there.

Favourite city for shopping… Dubai

What do you like to splurge on?

Your favourite book
… The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Your favourite movie? There are many actually – The Lion King, Ek Tha Tiger and the recently released The Wolf of Wall Street.

Fashion, according to you is… Simplicity and comfort Best holiday memory… Once I spent a day on a beach without my watch and hand phone.

Where can we find you on the weekend? At the movies Mouth-watering cuisine or dish… Anything Mughlai

What attribute do you like the most in people?

Three ‘to-do’ things in your bucket list… Start a blog on photography, take a road trip to Europe, take a holiday with no fixed date of coming back

What do you value the most in life?
The love of my family and friends

What makes you smile?
Enthusiasm; it’s contagious

Who inspires you the most? I draw inspiration from wherever I can draw it from. I believe every person has something unique to offer. I keep looking out for these positive traits in people.

A piece of advice on work… Be passionate about what you do. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you should think again.