Home Retail Amazon Enters Men’s Apparel Segment with ‘Denim Hangout’

    Amazon Enters Men’s Apparel Segment with ‘Denim Hangout’


    Amazon.in has forayed into men’s apparel with the launch of ‘Denim Hangout’ and men’s innerwear stores on its marketplace, according to PTI.

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    Denim shirts, jackets, waistcoats, conversational T-shirts, leggings and accessories like wrist bands, belts, bags, shoes, wallets, caps etc, will soon be added to the online store.

    With over 1,500 styles in men’s denim wear and more than 1,300 styles in men’s innerwear from Indian and international brands, Amazon India will now offer a wider fashion portfolio, the company said in a release.

    Amazon said the Denim Hangout is designed to cater to various lifestyles that men choose.

    With the launch, customers on can now shop from over 15 million products across categories, the release added.