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Barista Lavazza Introduces Three Summer Drinks


has introduced three summer drinks and is also offering a “Buy One Get One Free” option to attract customers. The newly introduced beverages at the cafe include, Amaretto Bliss, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Green Apple Smoothie.

Amaretto Bliss is an ice blended Amaretto flavoured cold coffee with choco chips priced at Rs 190 (including taxes)  while the Strawberry Banana Smoothie is a fruit blended smoothie with strawberry and banana flavours priced at Rs 180 inclusive of taxes.  The Green Apple Smoothie is an ice cream blended smoothie with the tanginess of green apple for Rs 180 (including taxes).

Established in February 2000, Barista Lavazza claims to be the pioneer of cafe culture in India. Apart from the Indian sub-continent,it also has cafes in UAE, Sri Lanka, and Oman.

According to the company officials, Lavazza, that owns Barista, is the largest coffee company in Italy.