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Sumit Goyal’s Deep Love for Food, Combined with a thorough Industry Knowledge Motivated him to Launch Dude Food


Sumit comes from a highly successful and illustrious business lineage. With a distinguished educational background consisting of an MBA from Symbiosis apart from a Diploma from National Institute of Sales, was the first to explore opportunities outside his family business. After completing his banking stint with Standard Chartered bank, he moved on to his next endeavour of establishing his own venture, .com. This website served as a virtual gastronomic hub where people opted for and selected their favourite restaurants and chose from a myriad range of delicacies, plan parties and events, all from the comfort of their home. Apart from that, it also helped people to know which culinary options to choose from by providing updated menus, reviews, ratings, and booking options.

Next came a monthly food & beverage magazine namely Food and Nightlife, which now runs in 12 cities and has become a trusted and respected entity in the F&B sector in India.

His deep love for food, combined with detailed and thorough industry knowledge of a decade motivated Sumit to launch Dude Food, an extension of his personality. The idea behind Dude Food is to harbor a place that delivers phenomenal guest experience, at a price which doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. The business plan here is to develop a cult following, that keeps coming back for more and also translates into a self-sustaining and highly effective marketing tool, it works on high volume and low operating cost, resulting in excellent food at reasonable prices. With Dude Food, the group wants to re-write the rules of restaurant business in Delhi-NCR where you can now eat quality food without leaving an arm and a leg at the establishment serving it.

The restaurant elicits an urban street vibe, an instant connect with the youth, welcoming everyone from students to families, who come through its door. The cheerful visual with a splash of Graffiti walls and music depicting the new World order sets the mood and inspires you break free. Understanding the pocket depth of fellow dudes in town, it’s a complete value for money hangout place. Everything on the menu is deliciously honest and will surely offend some anorexic and ‘balanced’ critics, paranoid by the calorie count. The food is straight from the heart, inspired by the dark abyss of gluttony.