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Ampoules: Rage in Skin Care


Salon India talks to Andrea Weber, Head, Babor Research & Innovation Centre who shares benefits and other interesting facts of the ampoule cult

Babor with its invention and steady development of active ingredients is the leader in ampoules. The company produces 15 million of these glass gems in a year. From Babor’s headquarters in Aachen, Germany, they set off on their journey to salons and spas around the globe to reach aestheticians in India through Ankit Arora’s Streamline Services India.

What are ampoules?

Ampoules help in giving the skin a flawless look as they are packed with active ingredients that provide the most concentrated form of skin care. The 2 mls of a fluid cocktail is tailored according to the needs of specific skin types, sealed in a glass phial. The high-tech substances act deep in the skin and are guaranteed to produce visible results.

Ampoule technology has changed modern-day beauty care. How did the first ampoule come into being?
I must admit it was long before my time at Babor. In fact, it was more than 50 years ago. The idea came from the pharmaceutical industry, where perfectly dosed, highly concentrated active ingredients were delivered via glass ampoules. This was a total revolution for the cosmetics industry because ampoules enable active ingredients to be formulated precisely for each individual treatment so as to achieve the best results. Today, of course, that can be done much more effectively than 50 years ago. We develop and produce everything in Germany in line with modern, 21st century pharmaceutical standards.

Why are ampoules made of glass? Any specific benefit?
We can seal active ingredients in an extremely pure form in a small glass ampoule. To do so, we use a special manufacturing procedure, which involves heating the glass with a hot flame. And I think that the curved shape looks really great. Also, the glass phial is broken just before the usage of the ampoule, thus, making the ingredients stay fresh.

Why are ampoules so effective?
The fluids in the ampoules are designed to act quickly. That is achieved by selecting the appropriate molecules or intelligent carrier systems. For example, we use encapsulated oxygen or peptides that are tailored exactly to requirements. That means we can address specific cells, e.g. cells that produce collagen, and plump up the skin from the inside, with speedy results.

What are the types and variety in ampoules?

As ampoules are designed for specific skin conditions, the varity ranges from young impure or combination skin to demanding skin or that shows signs of ageing. There are 12 different ampoules available, that are categoried and colour coded according to their benefits, such as, Anti-age for visible lifting effects and to combat fine lines and wrinkles; Moist and Lipid that gives dry skin precious lipids and concentrated moisture; Sensitive to calm stressed skin and Pure to clarify blemished or combination skin and restore its balance.