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‘PareUp’ to Help Curb Food Wastage


An Indian-origin innovator and his colleagues have developed a new app called “” that can help curb food wastage and hunger in the United States by connecting hungry consumers with excess restaurant and grocery store food at discounted prices, says a PTI report.

PareUp is aimed at helping curb the USD 165 billion worth of food the Nature Resource Defence Council says is wasted each year in the US.

Developed by New York-based , Margaret Tung and Jason Chen, the yet to be launched app will likely stock food items from a participating retailer who will feed the number of excess items for each day. Also, the app will show the food items ready for sale at a discounted price at a particular time. Customers using the app will be indicated and they can then go to the store and buy it, said the report.

The report said that PareUp can be downloaded for free by consumers and retailers while for each sale, the app will charge a certain percentage.