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The Sense Academy in Italy


“The future of hair styling is in Bregnano, in the province of Como,” says , Founder and Artistic Director of The Sense product line, who started an academy to professionally train the hair stylists of tomorrow. The Sense Academy is located in Bregnano in the province of Como and occupies 600 sq m of perfectly structured space and offers every type of course of use for a professional career.

The Sense came into being from observing a women, in all her movements, from her spontaneous nature to her natural and innate femininity. It is an answer and a precious gift to hold in one’s hands, it is a product that can give to the person using it a new way of feeling fulfilled, a freshness guaranteed by its natural essences, extracted and collected with care from the earth, values that has decided to preserve in The Sense products.

For show, fashion cutting courses and fashion colour, the Head of Courses and Artistic Director is Carlo Livraghi; the Technical Head of Colour is Edo Angelo Galli for Basic and Advanced Colourimetry courses and Head of Skin hair OX2 courses that cover the treatment of scalp issues is Claudio Rocchio. Seminars are also held on the Sense products and philosophy and the Head of treatment lines is Corinne Livraghi.

The courses, depending on the type, can last from only one intense day to six days. They are basic cutting, basic setting, basic styling, colourimetry and trichology meant for for novice hair stylists. Others are advanced and specialised courses like fashion cutting, fashion styling and fashion colouring techniques. Courses are also held at The Sense Academy to become trainers.
These courses are, therefore, essential in order to learn how to transmit a concept or teach a cutting method. The teachers are The Sense trainers, colour technicians and stylists with international experience. Courses are also offered for salon receptionists. The Sense Academy has a cutting technique called Zoon, which starts from a basic cut, developing every type of cut quickly.


L to R: Katarita de Santo, Carlo Livraghi,  Edo Angelo Galli, Corinne Livraghi

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