Philip Downing: Sculpting the Future of Hair Artistry

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To bring alive the philosophy of educating hairdressers in India, Phil Downing, Academy Director, TIGI Academy UK was in Mumbai conducting many Cut & Style sessions at the TIGI Learning Lab and Hakim’s Aalim Salon & Academy. He is a pioneer in conducting shows and seminars across the world on hairdressing trends. Dedicated to making hairdressing a growing art form and keeping in touch with the latest trends and techniques has been his forte even before he started heading the UK Academy team. Salon India speaks to the master.

What are your views on the hair industry of India?
India is on a high of the learning curve in the industry. You will see more and more consumers wanting shorter, more fashionable hair and wanting to experiment with different textures and products.

What are the various courses offered at the TIGI Academy?
The TIGI Academy is dedicated to inspire the growth of the hairdressing artists with a  cutting-edge education that dictates new trends keeping them ahead of the times. The TIGI academy offers all sorts of courses on Hairdressing. The courses vary from the classic cutting and colouring techniques and we also have more advanced techniques used in hairdressing today.

What’s the level of enthusiasm and learning of the Indian audience?
Indians are very warm and welcoming people. As far as the enthusiasm and learning levels of the Indian audience goes, the biggest plus point is that Indian hairdressers are willing to learn and are great at finishing hair.

How important is education in the hair industry?
The importance of hairdressing education is never-ending. One can never stop learning when it comes to the hairdressing industry. It is a constantly metamorphosing process. What is new today is going to be passé tomorrow!

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