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Futuristic pastries, gourmet desserts and healthy treats, if compiled together, metamorphose into a blessing for both the health conscious as well as the sweet obsessed palate.This blessing has finally arrived in the form of the popular and authentic French café, Bread et More which is back in an all-new patisserie and boulangerie avatar located at the posh GK-1 N Block Market in New Delhi. Taking forward the legacy of best-in-class food and hospitality, the fresh concept of Bread et More has recreated the fine traditional patisserie of Paris, giving them a contemporary twist to craft delicious modern creations with the use of the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

It is not just a quaint up-market street patisserie but a little treasure trove created with minimalistic French interiors that speak of a little modern chic something in everything.

Filled with a vintage aroma of Paris and Belgium, the new Bread et More unveils a mouthful of international delicacies through a wide selection of quality baked sweetmeats, European-style custom cakes, savories, artisan breads and health products created with the finest ingredients and specialized state-of-the-art technology of international caliber which equals the quality standards of 5 star hotels. A capitulating alchemist of flavours, Bread et More produces lavish and eccentric creations that impress the eye as well as the taste buds.

Promising a pandora of recipes, the exclusivity of the patisserie remains with its ecstatic range of classic French macarons, which come in a rainbow of ten quirky flavours amid a swanky spread of 120 different baked savories and confections. The macarons promise a unique experience for the senses in just one bite. While nothing beats a morning coffee complimented with Bread et More ’s delectable Danish pastries, the hand-crafted delights and exceptionally fluffy 50 layered croissants are just perfect for any time of the day. At Bread et More , one shall also find stupendous pastries, excellent pies, mousse cups, truffles, a giant variety of cakes, muffins and some of the best breads from the wood fire ovens of Italy.

The concept of cakes goes a little beyond the crème and gateau because when there is an occasion for you that matters, Bread et More  can create any fondant cake that you can imagine. The Danish and Belgium pastries, and the delectable puffs and croissants will be a promising excuse to stop over for a quick bite, or if you need to impress your friends, the mini mushy cupcakes and gouda and herb sticks are a sure fire crowd-pleaser.With French music playing in the background, in a span of few seconds it will transport you to a picturesque cafe halfway across the world to the bylanes of Paris streets.

Meanwhile, one can definitely not ignore Bread et More ’s Selectt range of health products including the brown rice cookies, healthy cereal bars and mueslis for those who want to eat healthy without compromising on taste.

To recreate the art of French patisserie in India, Bread et More  imports finest quality Belgium chocolate, French cream and butter all the way from Europe whereas the coffee served on their tables are sourced all the way from Ethiopia. The patisserie houses specially designed rustic stone ovens to prepare artisan breads using traditional recipes which give it a hard crust and softer insides, similar to the ones from the bakeries of world-renowned Parisian street corner. A huge shelf stands dedicated to gift packs created with old fashioned glass jars and picnic baskets, a yet another pleasing treat for the eyes. There is no space for confusion here, with each type of cake artfully arranged beneath a glass jar more reminiscent of an art boutique than a café.

With its exquisite and exotic range of offerings, Bread et More is a haven for self-indulgence for the well-travelled and savvy patrons possessing a discerning taste and premium preference. The customized range has something on offer for people of all age groups and lifestyle types – whether it is for daily consumption of staples or for celebrations and occasions, for rich and luxurious products or health friendly and calorie conscious tastes. The brand has arrived with another outlet in Vasant  Vihar with the set up of a country farmhouse intending to spread the European aroma across the city and beyond.