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Elma’s to Grow Slow and Steady


Delhi-based Elma’s patisserie, promoted by Leisure Zone Cafe takes a slow and steady growth map. Harbir S Jolly, Manager – Operations, Leisure Zone Cafe shares brand’s expansion strategy.

Please share your expansion plans.

We plan to open two more outlets in Delhi-NCR and are identifying locations and evaluating new concepts/formats that can be explored, as we are open to set-up a new and different concept from the existing format. Currently we have two Elma’s operational, at Hauz Khas Village and Meharchand market and our aim is to open atleast two more outlets with in a year and half. We believe in following a steady pace of growth, which will be more stable.

What would be the ideal location for opening new outlets?

We do not want to open new outlet in a place where there are host of other options and Elma’s become one of the options. We are looking at locations, where Elma’s  become a destination for people, which implies customers specially come to eat at Elma’s.

Our outlet in Meharchand market is around 400 sqft and the one in Hauz Khas Village is about 800 sqft, so we would require a minimum of 600 sqft area to set up a new outlet.

Tell us about Elma’s and its USP?

Launched in the year 2011, Elma’s has been positioned as a premium British tea room and patisserie, owned by Leisure Zone Cafe Pvt Ltd. It is a brain child of Shelly Sahay, one of its directors, who is a chef turned entrepreneur. She has lived in London for decades and wanted to introduce this kind of concept in the Indian market.

At Elma’s, we offer 5-star hotel quality food at a bit cheaper price. Our average ticket size per customer is over Rs 1500.

What kind of competition do you witness in the space?

We have not come across any other concept like Elma’s and hence do not feel there is any competition for us.

How have you been marketing the brand?

We have been creating awareness through social networking site, Facebook and do not feel the need of employing other mass media tools. Since we want to educate people and not pull the crowd, we are targeting niche audience, who understand, appreciate and are ready to pay a premium for our products.

What are the major operational challenges for a concept like Elma’s in India?

There are two key operational challenges, firstly, lack of awareness and second, availability or sourcing of imported ingredients at the right time.