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How Enrich, Affinity and JCB Salons have Perfected the Art of Customer Relationship Management


In the beauty and wellness business, an effective (CRM) programme is critical to the long-term success of a salon or spa. It uses technology to manage and enhance client-salon relationships and reap in profits for a win-win situation.

In today’s time when competition is high and businesses are vying with each other for the same client’s attention,  in order to survive, it becomes imperative to follow a process. This is where Customer Relationship Management comes into play. It’s a system to manage your company’s interactions with its current and future customers using technology to organise, automate and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

A well-designed CRM is a customer-oriented feature with a service response that’s based on a customer’s input, one-to-one solutions to customers’ requirements, direct online communications with customer and customer service centres that help customers solve their questions. It also activates the sales force automation, a function that implements sales promotion analysis, automate tracking of a client’s account history and also ?oordinate further ‘selling of services’ in the future.

, Director, Enrich Salons & Academy, has wisely used the CRM programme to engage customers. Now one can call the salon number or the centralised virtual front desk, accessible from a single number across the chain and avail of information on services, location of salons, make bookings and share any issues they might be facing. The same can be done from a mobile phone using their mobile app or from the Webstore that’s on the website, making for multiple ways that a customer can reach and make a booking.

They have a system of sending reminders out on SMS and email depending on the preference of the customer. In the salon, there is a real-time cloud based system that has profile details of the customer, details of their past visits and also their satisfaction levels. Every salon is equipped with iPads on which customers can see service videos and go through feedback from other customers on individual services and provide feedback themselves. There is a Job Card that updates the system ensuring billing is swift.

Loyalty programmes are an effective marketing tool which Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa India has perfected. As they rightly consider consumers to be their sole and biggest asset, the secret behind their success is to be consistent in offering contemporary and convenient services and hence, the business is focused towards offering maximum satisfaction to the customers. Therefore, loyalty programmes are also designed as per the convenience of their customers. Vishal Sharma’s successful chain of Affinity Salons in Delhi NCR have on offer a Solitaire membership card wherein one pays Rs11,000 and avail of services worth Rs15,000 for a year.