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Tracey Devine@ Angels Collection: Crush on Colour


Tracey Devine’s collection just oozes colour is about using as many opposing tones as possible to obtain stunning results.

About the collection
Inspiration came from the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) as we see them regularly where I live and I’m always amazed at how they look and the science behind them. Each individual image was inspired by a photo taken straight from the skies, this is how we came up with each look.

Techniques used for each look

We are an Affinage salon and a lot of Affinage colour dynamics were used to complete the images. These were diluted to create different tones. The techniques varied from dip dab effects to specific placements. But a lot of thought went into each look. And many colours were layered and skiffed through to create amazing blends.

Future plans of the hairstyling team
The team are constantly creating new ideas and plans, I am currently working on this years collection along with pulling together the Affinage Spring Summer tour, as well as the Kevin Murphy Global Fashion Week look. Exciting and hectic times ahead.