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    Shoppers Stop Speeds Up Data Analysis with QlikView


    , a user-driven Business Intelligence (BI) firm, recently announced that , India’s leading retail department store, is using the QlikView Business Discovery platform to streamline its business operations and increase sales.
    For a retailer, the ability to quickly access information including sales figures and customer buying patterns is a top priority. Prior to using QlikView, Shoppers Stop was using traditional BI tools and Microsoft Excel to compile reports. The process was lengthy and did not offer users the valuable, time-critical insights to business users.

    Shoppers Stop registers standalone Q4 net loss of Rs 36.06 crore
    The accumulated losses of Hypercity Retail (India) Ltd, a subsidiary company, have substantially eroded Shoppers Stop's networth

    To stay competitive and maintain its growth momentum across 67 stores in India, Shoppers Stop needed a flexible BI platform that will not only enable faster data analysis, but also uncover insights to help them make better decisions for the business. The Shoppers Stop team decided to roll out the QlikView Business Discovery platform to its buying and merchandising teams. The implementation and adoption was completed in under two months, allowing Shopper’s Stop to derive value in a very short period.
    , General Manager, Technology at Shoppers Stop, said, “We can now focus on analysing the data to help us streamline the business. Instead of spending several hours or even days to manually extract data and generating reports, we can now use QlikView to discover insights from the data and make better decisions with just a few clicks.”

    “QlikView was an instant success upon the rollout. Our users tell us that it is now much easier to dynamically refresh the data, giving them the confidence to try out new reports. Around 80 percent of our buying and merchandising staff are currently utilising the tool and we expect this number to continue to grow.”

    , Regional Marketing Manager, Qlik India, said, “We are happy that Shoppers Stop is using QlikView to make business decisions and achieve tangible business results. Our mission is to help organizations in India like Shoppers Stop get on a natural path from data to decisions, by allowing users to interact with data quickly and freely to generate insights that they never imagined. This is what QlikView calls Business Discovery, which is integral in driving the success of all modern organisations.”

    Riding on the success, Shoppers Stop is also planning to extend QlikView to its mid-level management users in the field via mobile devices and tablets.