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    The business plan we propose is that of a pharmacy retail chain by the name of ‘Body n Mind’. What would start as a pharmacy retail chain focusing in over the counter drugs would gradually diversify into full fledged wellness clinic retailing over the counter and prescription drugs, skin care, beauty and other personal care products, homeopathic, ayurvedic and herbal products. The retail chain would be launched in malls in 40 tier 2 cities of the country in the 1st phase (details provided later in the business plan). After consolidation of the business, expansion plans would be undertaken and retail outlets would be launched in upscale malls at prime locations in tier 1 and metro cities (near hospitals and residential areas). This would take almost 4-5 years by which time tier 3 cities in India would also have plush malls. Then the retail chain can also expand in tier 3 cities. The business plan can be for two types of retail chains viz. an existing retail chain (like ) or a to-be-launched retail chain (which would start its operations with the Body n Mind chain). The overall plans would remain same for both kinds although it would be easier for the former to operationalize and fund the business because of deep pockets, existing supply chain and tie ups with suppliers etc. We would point out the differences in each section of the business plan as we go along.

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